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Saturday, 27 January 2018

I was on my way to see a movie. You all know how much I love movies and how long I anticipated Jumanji. The movie was in two hours, I was alone at home and was almost bored to death so I decided to just visit my friend who works in a shopping mall close to my house. I was gonna visit her for one hour during her break period and then use the other one hour to get to the cinemas and place my single self in a strategic position for possible "boyfriend to bes".

As I got to the shopping mall where my friend works, I saw her assisting a young girl. Pretty much my age or maybe two years older. She was all glam, eyeshadow and bronzer popping, was on high heels, the latest clothes on instagram and was wearing my dream hair (I actually felt like harassing her for stealing my dream hair from the future). She was radiating rich, classy and powerful. I stood for like 10 minutes watching her. She was with one guy. The guy looked like her driver but I was terribly astonished when I heard her calling the guy baby. So I concluded that he was her boyfriend or maybe she just likes to call her drivers "baby".

Deep down in my soul, my "oversabi" spirit had concluded that the girl either has rich parents, another rich baby or..... she's fell from the sky with diamonds because she almost bought everything in the mall. She bought chocolate worth about 100k. I'm very sure she can never eat that amount of chocolate even if God blesses her with Metuselah's long life. She bought one "useless" toy for 59.99k because she liked the tyres of the toy car.

Anyways, every thing she bought in the mall was about 500k and the only thing near reasonable that she acquired for herself were condoms and a shoe for her baby driver. Every other thing were quite unnecessary (but it's not my money sha).

The reason I decided to share this story was that, after she had finished paying for the things she bought, she told the workers to tell everybody (all present customers and workers) to collect "anything" they wanted with all bills on her. My mouth opened like "kilode!! Aunty please comman show me the farm where you planted the money that is growing like water leaf"... Everywhere was so tense. Everybody was rushing to collect their dreams. Nigerians are greedy sha, someone almost opened her cake shop with the girls head. I just went and took one small thing (lol. Don't ask me what I took).

I later heard that the girl was into yahoo yahoo and that she has done plus with her baby drivers head. You people should come and teach me how to press laptop o (lol, aside blogging sha)
Afterwards, I carried myself to go and see toaster came to buy me popcorn and coca-cola but I later chased him away with my rudeness. I guess that's why I'm still single.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

when choosing a spouse,  you must be able to conclude in your mind the right person for yourself after passing through the courtship stage.  A spouse can be said to be a man or woman who is legally married.

Religiously, when God created man in his own image, he have to make man sleep and he remove one of his ribs and created woman.  Until you find your missing ribs, you have found your own spouse. That is every man has a missing ribs and until you found this mission ribs,  you will be able to have confidence in yourself that you found a good spouse. In the world today,  the rate at which couples divorce eachother is very alarming due to the fact one of the parties is cheating on the other and that has led to broken relationship. An advise says,  spend more   on your marriage than your wedding party. that is, their are many wedding parties out there whereby thousands and millions of naira have being spent on it,  still yet both parties still broke up within 5 years, probably one was cheating on the other. 

Some people believes that, they can't depend on one body for the rest of their lives,  so they believe having a cheating partner settles the score. Taking the men for example,  they don't cheat just because they don't love you anymore, they just want more varieties in their sex life. Some men have the mentality that the best time to cheat on their spouse was when she will be observing her menstrual cycle. Men cheat for many reason,  some for pleasure,  some for the fun while some sees it as a game. When a man cheat,  their is still assurance that she will still love his spouse but when a woman tries to cheat,  no how she will love her spouse like before. In other to get rid of this undefined act,  there are some principle, guidelines, rules and regulations for you to act on in other for you to be able to stop your spouse from cheating


Whenever you go into a relationship with your spouse, you must have the right believe that things will work out because it is when you have such believe that things will work well but if you are doubting or you never believe in your mind that it is going to work well,  then have it in mind that one of you will surely cheat on each other.  Even the Bible verse says that until two people agree, that when they can walk together. Both you and your spouse must be in one accord and believe that the relationship will work. If no one believe in the other,  it is is possible for your spouse to cheat on you because he/she will believe that if things did not work out as planned in the relationship,  he/she will have nothing to loose. Make your spouse have the confidence and believe in you that even if no one is with eachother,  both parties mind will be at rest that the relationship is save 


Whenever you are not faithful in your relationship and you started letting your spouse feel insecure and start doubting you,  then their is a problem because the relationship will start becoming unworkable. To stay faithful in a relationship,  you have to turn blind eyes and dead ear to anything that might try to distract the relationship from growing.  Being faithful with your spouse will make you have more level and respect you deserve. Be clear with your spouse in an appropriate boundaries as much as possible. Never leave a space for doubt,  let your spouse know when another party is trying to draw your attention from the relationship,  so that there will be a right and better way to fix it in the right path.


Never give your spouse so much unwanted attention whereby they will ever think you are suspecting them of cheating. Learn to build in an atmosphere of security and safety.  Monitoring your spouse footsteps will always cause untrust, never check their private materials without their consent. Make your spouse free with his/her friends,  respect your spouse feelings, both physical and emotional.


One of the factors, feeling and emotion that makes a relationship stronger is love.  When you love your spouse and he/she is aware of It, for your spouse to cheat on you will be a little bit difficult. True love is like any other strong and addicting drug,  the love for your spouse should be like a prison whereby he will be cage and won't  have any other thought of cheating. Love is only interesting to those who have being imprison by it. Live is like a wind where you can only feel but you can't see.  Loving your spouse should be what you most show everyday and everywhere and also let spouse feel the real zeal of love in you. One of the most critical element of happiness is loving someone that also loves you. You should also know your spouse favorite and let your spouse know your best mood of showing love. Talk about each others weakness and know more on how to strengthen it. 


Whatever you have must be what you will be contented with.  Being satisfied with your spouse will save the relationship.  Be ready to give your spouse the best sex position he/she will love and enjoy and must be satisfied before getting up and also give your spouse the chance to try new things with you. This will make your spouse to be satisfy with you only, instead of going outside to find someone that can satisfy him/her. Whenever you see things and materials you know your spouse love, instead of overlooking it,  you can just get it for your spouse and the love bound will be tightened.


Learn to appreciate your spouse, no matter how small what he/she might do to you,  everything should be appreciated. When you appreciate,  it give your spouse the zeal and more eager to do more for you.  Appreciating your spouse is one of the key in building your relationship with each other. When you appreciate your spouse,  you are bringing out the greatness and potential of the relationship. Appreciate whatever your spouse buy for you and also appreciate whatever you contribute in the relationship, and show the appreciation act everyday. 


You must be able to support your spouse dream by giving her every  encouragement and passion to do more. Your spouse dream should also be part of your dream because you are now one body and whatever the outcome of her dream is, will also affect you. When you support your spouse dream, your focus will no longer come out ahead as an individual ,  it will now be of you and your spouse

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK: 6 proven strategies to break the Hex. 

There are several reasons you might want your ex back. After all,  there was a reason you guys dated in the first place. There was a reason you guys used to look at each other in the eye and whisper sweet nonsense in your ears. And there is a possibility you still have a thing for your ex. 

Or it could be you fell out on bad terms and did not settle down to trash the matter. Even distance and silence  could make the onetime love of your life your Ex. 

So here are six steps to get your Ex-partner back.  These are tested and trusted ways to go back to that perfect relationship.  Or you just want to get your ex back into the friend zone where his help could be needed anytime any day. 

Feel to drop your advice and comments when I am done dropping these words of wisdom. 

Yes dear,  cut off everything associated with your ex. Block the guy on Facebook. Delete the babe's number on WhatsApp. Unfollow his Instagram handle. 

This is the first step to getting your ex back. Ironic,  isn't it? This is where you follow the "out of sight, out of mind" principle. A major reason (or probably the most important reason) you and you ex are not together is because you became normal. He began to see your flaws and started underrating you. You were no longer the guy she used to save his DP and show to our friends telling them how cute you were. 

But it is time to double your principles. Ever heard "Scarcity creates necessity? " This is what this first step is for. 

Make yourself scarce. Create an illusion that you have better things to do than sulk on your ex and like all his Facebook posts. 

Yep,  that is the next step.  The longer the relationship, the more you tend to expose your flaws. However,  bad habits are a turnoff in any relationship. 

Everybody has their own bad habits. Identify yours and stop them. 

 This cannot be over emphasized. Some relationships eventually turn to parasitism as time runs by. 

"Baby, what did you eat today? "
"Bae, can I come over? "
"Dear, what did you cook today? "
"Babe, can you come over? "
"Sweetheart, what are you doing right now? "

The above are not signs of love or care. They simply show you are clingy and your self-esteem depends on your relationship. This is probably another reason your ex is an ex in your life. So build your self-esteem. 

You are beautiful, breathtaking with wonderful talents and abilities. 

The moment you tell these words to yourself,  you will realize you will be more valuable in any relationship. 

Haba, who won't leave you when your appearance is shabby and nonattractive. Try to look good every time (or at least most of the time). 

You have heard "Dress the way you want to be addressed" abi?  Apply it to your appearance. 

Buy new set of clothes. Wash your old clothes very well. Brush your teeth. Maintain an awesome hairstyle consistently. Have good footwear and the most important tip of all;

Wash your undies or boxers regularly abeg. And let me see if your ex will come running after you. But after applying the remaining two steps though. 

Hmm, it is now time to unleash the improved you. Your self-esteem has improved, your 'girl-boss' status is increasing, your 'I am awesome on my own' guy prestige keeps loading day by day. So what next? 

It is time to connect. 

Smile. Laugh. Speak with dignity. Eventually, the rumors will spread from the friends of the friends of your ex that you are available and better than ever. 

I am sure you already know how to go about this step. You can WhatsApp her (Especially for those of us who still had our exes' number memorized?). Send him a friend request on Facebook. Call him and ask about his welfare. 

But be casual. Gain the trust first. And everything will go as planned. And your ex will be in your arms. Or in your friendzone. 

P.S: This advice is for relationships that ended on a wrong note or never ended well. If your ex is an abusive,  psychopathic guy or a loudmouthed, badmouthed lady who loves to gossip. Leave the person alone and move on to a new relationship. 2018 is not for hanging around toxic people. 

Feel free to share and let me know if I left any tip untouched or this advice will not work (or did not work for you).

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Instagram is a social networking application made for sharing photos and videos from smart phones. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who create an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed

Whenever one post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your news feed, you can delete any of your videos you upload. Other users who follow you will see your post on their news feed, they can comment and react to your post. Likewise you will see post from other users whom you follow or people that followed you. 

In a nutshell, It is like a simply version of other social networks, with emphasize on mobile use and visual sharing. Just like all other social networks, you can have have conversation with who you follow, or those that follow you.

New version of Instagram now has a saving feature built directly into the application. While it merely allows you to bookmark the phone or video post tab and not actually download anything to your device, it's still better than nothing. Until recently, the only way you could only bookmark a photo or video from another user within the Instagram application is by liking it and accessing your previously liked post from the setting tap. 

We have two big downsides to Instagram save feature are:
1. You need an internet connection to be able to revisit the saved post within the application. 
2. The saved video could potentially disappear if the user who post it decides to delete it. Remember, using the bookmark feature is just a link to the video. Nothing get saved to your account or device. 

This new save tap appear as a little bookmark icon on every users profile directly above the video feed in the horizontal menu. You can't see the save tap on another users profile, but you can see it on your own profile while signed in. This is to ensure that only you see what you have saved.

To save any video you find on Instagram, look for the bookmark icon in the bottom right corner and tap it. It will be automatically added to your save tab and no notification will be sent to the user who posted it. In conclusion, Instagram is one of the leading social network use in the recent century and this little piece will make it easier for users to save videos on Instagram.

Simply *IBTISAM*.

Friday, 12 January 2018

   "  _Epidemic Obesity Is Actually the gravest public health crisis we face and inarguably the least controlled_ "
      - *David L*. *Katz*

     " According to the sawbones general, obesity today is officially an epidemic, it is arguably the most pressing public has health problem we face. The world health organisation (WHO) is now calling Obesity an Epidemic,Obesity is such a big problem that affects many people from all over the world.

Obesity is a noun derive From an Adjective Word Obese ; which means Very fat, in a way that is not healthy. It can also be define as Extremely overweight especially, weighing more than 20% ( for men ) or 25% (for women) Over their ideal weight, determined by height and build ; or having a body mass index over 30kg/m2.
The Above Definition settle us to the actual definition of Obesity.
Obesity Can simply be define to be the state of being extremely overweight ( Obese ) due to an Excess of Body Fat.


 Most people reckon  that obesity is primarily caused by too much food intake and lack of physical activities. Actually these are major contributing factors.
If you consume high amount of energy from your diet but do not burn off the energy through exercise and physical activity, the surplus energy will be turned into fat. But Mavens discovered a few years back that obesity is a intricate medical problem that involves Behavioural, Social, Environment,and Genetic Factors.
Genetics is a major cause of obesity As in a person is more likely to develop obesity if one or both parents are Obese.
A limited number of cases are due to genetic or medical reasons such as a person suffering from thyroid gland or taking medicine such As a birth control pill and anti-depressants.


The most common symptoms of obesity triggers many other health issues.
Weight related issues like, 
Highblood pressure
Breathing problems
Joint Pain
High cholesterol levels
Various other heart diseases.
Some people tend to snore, varicose veins are abnormal and dilated blood vessels which are caused by weakening of the vessel wall.
 The health complications related to obesity include 
*Breathing problems*
*Certain types of cancer*
*Heart disease*
*Liver disease*
*Gastro-esophageal reflux disease*
*Stroke* and *Diabetes* aside from medical implications, there are also many psychological problems related to obesity.
According to the experts, obese women have negative effects on fertility and irregular periods, So, instead of just overlooking this health condition. One need to become extra conscious about their heavier weight.


If you're struggling with weight issues, the first step is to talk to your primary health care provider so he or she can determine your best plan for weight loss, including a diet plan . Your health care provider will probably give you a physical exam, order some blood tests and assess your health risks, overall health and medical history. Selection of a diet plan is likely to be based on your current health issues and the amount of weight you need to lose.


To achieve and maintain obesity the following can be incorporate into your daily routine,
Adhere to a healthy daily eating pattern: Eat a variety of foods, including whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and fruits.
Eat breakfast daily to avoid overeating later in the day.
Avoid sugary beverages: Drink water or unsweetened tea.
Don’t skip meals.
Eat small portions.
Avoid or limit intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates.
Replace high-calorie snacks with vegetables and fruits.
Make healthy choices, especially when eating at restaurants.
Maintain adequate hydration with water.
Be as physically active as you can by maintaining an exercise routine several times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.
Get a sufficient amount of sleep, because
poor sleep is associated with weight gain and obesity.
Reduce stress, and relax when needed.
Get support from family, friends and support groups.
Monitor weight loss not only by weighing yourself but also by using a tape measure and noting how your clothes fit.
Keep a weight loss journal to chart your progress and caloric intake.


The best solution to obesity is the natural way. This involves changing your dietary habits and exercising regularly.
Let's take a look at the best ways to lose weight and overcome obesity without the use of drugs.

*Get Active and Stay Active*:

If you want to lose* weight, you need to start exercising. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or exercise equipment. You just need to become active by making it a habit to walk or play sports. Instead of using the elevator you can start using the stairs. Exercise is a great way to burn calories and help you with weight loss*. All you need is about 30-45 minutes, 3-4 days a week.
Be Patient and Stay Motivated:
Motivation is very important when it comes to overcoming obesity. You need to understand that losing weight is a process and the results won’t be instant. Patience is the key. Remember that you didn’t gain all the excess weight quickly so you also can’t lose* it quickly.

*Eat Fibrous Food*

High fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great for losing weight. Fiber fills you up quickly and for a longer time which is great for reducing* food intake. This helps you reduce* calorie intake which leads to weight loss*. You can also try fiber supplements which are not just effective for controlling food intake but can also improve* digestive health.
Avoid Alcohol and Junk Food:
You should minimize intake of alcohol because they contain a high amount of calories. A shot of hard liquor can contain up to 100 calories. The problem is that you can’t just stop with one or two shots right? At the end of the night you may end up consuming more than 1000 calories from alcoholic beverages alone. The same goes for junk food which is high in saturated fat and calories. One large bag of chips can contain more than 1000 calories.
*Reduce Stress* :

Stress is something you should minimize or eliminate if you want to lose weight. This is because stress promotes the release of the hormone cortisol which has a strong connection to binge eating and food cravings. There are also studies indicating that cortisol encourages the storage of fat in the abdominal area.

*Change Your Eating Habits*:

Most people are used to consuming an excessive number of calories regularly. The result is weight gain which usually leads to obesity in the long term. You need to change your eating habits and learn how to make the right food choices. Instead of fast food and other unhealthy food options that contain a high amount of calories and unhealthy fat, you should choose lean meat, fruits and vegetables. You should also get used to eating slowly and stopping when you already feel full.

 Fortunately, there are many ways to beat obesity. But for safety reasons, it is best to take the natural route in *OVERCOMING OBESITY* 

Written by ✍🏻

Abdulrasheed Mubarak Focus

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

  There is no gain saying the fact that getting a job in Nigeria is not an easy task. Obviously, getting a job in a country with over 180 million people is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that the Job market in our country is very Competitive.
   After graduation,graduates and job seekers are faced with the harsh shocking reality that the Nigeria job market is not as ideal as they though it was or may have been Led to think.
   Nowadays, once you are done with your University education,the next thing on your mind as a new graduate is how to get a Job in Nigeria, not just as Job but a good one at that.
  Undoubtedly, as a matter of fact,there are plethora of jobs and jobs opportunities in Nigeria as long as you are qualified but getting these jobs is not an easy task because the jobs available in the Nigerian Job market are Limited.
   As a result of this many unemployed graduates and Job seekers have resorted to self employment rather than jostling for the few white collar Jobs which are available in our country today.
   Nigeria like several other countries of the world has its own experience of unemployment and Job Scarcity. This is as a result of many factors such as Corruption,Unfavorable Labour Market,among others.
  Some years ago,getting a Job in Nigeria was quite easy and less difficult. This was due to the fact that Our Country was Less Corrupt then than as it is now.
 Unfortunately nowadays,getting or securing a job in Nigeria is now  based on one's Network, that is the who you know factor. This worrisome and ugly trend has not only helped to encourage Corruption, But it has also ensured that the Less qualified are employed rather than the most qualified.
   At this juncture, an important question agitating your mind is "Who gets the best Job in Nigeria"? Is it always the most qualified applicant?
  Well,according to Brian an employment Consultant, the answer is "No". The best job often goes to the most effective job applicant.
  However in my opinion, what is effective may be relative. In other words,what may be effective to one may not be effective to another.
  According to a recent survey embarked upon by the National Bureau Of Statistics,Unemployment rate in Nigeria today Constitutes about 58.3 percent of the population. This new statistics also revealed that about four million employed workers in Nigeria were thrown in to the unemployment market Last year. This is very worrisome considering the fact that Our Nigeria Universities churn our thousands of graduates every year.
  Furthermore it must be also be stated that the issue of unemployment is a major problem all over the world today and Nigeria is not an exception but sadly it is worse in Nigeria. The rate of unemployment has increased during the Last few years, no thanks to the fallout of economic challenges such as , economic recession among other factors.
  In conclusion, it is posited that the best solution to the issue of unemployment in Nigeria is self employment. Therefore Fresh graduates and job seekers are encouraged to embrace self employment as  a means of ameliorating the problem of job scarcity in Nigeria.

Samuel Irusota

Friday, 5 January 2018

Getting a boyfriend is no longer as funny as it used to sound. I know of someone who has shed tonnes of tears because she couldn't get a boyfriend for 3 years. Lol. Just imagine a young vibrant female not having a significant other for that amount of time. Having just any boyfriend isn't usually the struggle. it boils down to finding someone that suites you, understands you and can fit into your niche. To find someone that fits into your criteria, you have to step up your game and become someone that can fit into other people's criteria. I have put together some tips to get your own boyfriend this year.

Reduce the membership of your friendzone association:
C'mon it's a new year, you can't carry over so many people in your friendzone from last year to this year. it's either you completely delete some people from the zone or you start serious considerations of being in a relationship with those that you are matchable with. Often times, there are a lot of diamonds hidden deep down in the friend zone. I have a friend who is currently married to a guy she has friendzoned for ages just because she decided to start seeing beautiful possibilities.

Have a strong personality:
If you want a boyfriend with a strong personality, you must first build yours. Groom your confidence level and maintain a good communication character and general manners. You wouldn't expect to keep a great guy when you've sourly spoken to him on your first conversation.

Do not appear available:
 Many girls make themselves extremely available to any Tom, Dick and Harry in the Quest of finding a man. Everybody in Nigeria right now wants to die for petrol because it is unavailable so it is valuable. I'm not saying that you should act as though you are too busy for men when you are actually jobless, I'm just saying you should take your time. Live your life as freely as you can and don't just jump in the sight of any man that cares to ask for your name. Have some refrain and let them run a little Chase.

Dress  "attractively fashionable": 
You become noticed when you are attractive and when your fashion statement is classy and bold. Don't underdo nor overdo. Be comfortable, bold and attractive. I mean, you have to first be attractive to be noticed and then observed.

Groom yourself: 
It's a new year so you have step up your game. irrespective of whether you want a boyfriend or not. Keep your body and shape in good health. Eat, rest, sleep, hit the gym if you can. You cannot comman kill yourself because of boyfriend search o.

Go out
Mohammed has to go to the mountain this time around. Enjoy every bit of your life. Go to the movies, club, church, pool, events, weddings, work, any where. Just have a good time living your life. Who knows, your boyfriend to be might just be sitting next to you in the movie threatre.

Have an open mind and be reasonable: You should know what you want but be open minded. Anyone can be the one. Be reasonable with your judgements and be lavish in openness.

All these tips are easier said than done so make a conscious effort to practising them.

P.S: If I could write this for getting a boyfriend, I wonder what I would write for getting a husband.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 was really rough and full of obstacles. 

I thought I had everything planned out, I had New Year Resolutions. 

I would make my first million before December 31, I would be connected to the high and mighty. I would write at least five books. I even planned to find Bae before 2017 ran out. But it did not go as planned.

I am currently young, dumb and broke. And Bae-less too.

I thought I knew everything. Or maybe I really don't know.

I don't know if I will finish this game. This game of life. This game of success. This game of good versus evil. A game of alternating between the black and white sides.

I don't know if I am just a pawn in this game. Or a regular piece constantly manipulated by someone else.

I don't know if I will find (or I have found) my knights. Guys who will cut corners and jump over obstacles just to see me win. I will be their knight too.

I don't know if I will find (or I have  found) my rooks. Guys who will walk the extra mile and defend me any day, any time. I will be their rook too.

I don't know if I will find my Queen, the rightful heir to my heart, soul, strength and might. The lady who will support and defend me from all sides. I will do the same for her too.

I thought I should give up and run back to my shell. After all, I was young, dumb and broke. But I kept playing the song 1-800-273-8255 by Logic featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. And I realize I still had love to give.

As I write this post, lying on my bed while the white low energy security bulb of my neighbour's house reflects on my dark room that has not seen NEPA lights for months, the lyrics of Jon Bellion's IDK replays in my head:

"I guess if I knew tomorrow, I guess I wouldn't need faith.
I guess if I never fail, I guess I wouldn't need grace.
I guess if I knew his plans, I guess he wouldn't be God."

Maybe I don't know, but maybe that's okay.

God is on my side. My guys are on my side.

So for Now, I will keep moving.

Two steps at the start. That's beginner luck.

One step at a time. Till I become successful. Till I win in this game of life.

Till I get to the other edge of the board.

That's all I need to know.

A year changes a lot. Trust me, 2018 will be that year.

Zamai Banje.
Facebook: Zamai Banje
Instagram: Zahm_high

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Meeting you was one of the best things that happened to me in 2017. You made me feel fly, you made me feel love, you made me look smart, you made me feel extremely happy. Looking into your eyes took my breath far away to a land I had never been to. Watching you move around made me feel like i was the most lucky woman to have you right in front of me. I could still remember how shy you were to ask for my number and how confident you were to tell me that everything would be alright in my days of shadows and downcast.

Monday, 21 August 2017

So after such a long time, I'm back on my MUA features. Today we have a very wonderful personality. Her name is Osamuyimen Ebuehi and she's the CEO of Osamus Signature. She's a beauty and special effect makeup artist.
According to her, makeup has been her passion since her first year in the university. However, she didn't have enough funds to go to a makeup school so she decided to become a "self taught" makeup artist (I find this very inspiring). She said a whole lot of persons said her work was too rough, she wasn't good enough, she was too young yet she didn't give up because she always finds a way to push through the challenges that life throws. Osamus Signature is a brand that was created to take creativity to another level..
Along the line, she confirms that she has faced a lot of challenges but consistency has been the key to her success so far. She has been discouraged by friends but has kept pushing. Her major challenge was to get start up funds. Despite the fact that she didn't have funds, she decided to start however little things were for her.
Aside makeup she does other  things like baking cakes, pastries, hair making, fixing nails, making wigs and studying Optometry in the university of Benin.
Her drive is to be an empowered lady that is an inspiration to many.
For bookings, you can contact her on 08106960807.

below are pictures of her amazing works.

To get featured on next week's "MONDAY MUA", contact me on WhatsApp via 07089504626.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

A few days ago, I was listening to the evening news in one of the major TV stations here in Nigeria and deep into the news, the reporter who visited an egg production poultry farm was advising listeners, particularly men to eat eggs for better s£x performance among other nutritional benefits. 

Shortly after I heard this, I wondered if this was just another myth or a fact? Could there be a scientific connection between the eggs you consume and how well you perform in bed? In this write up, shall establish or debunk the claim.

I have always jokingly communicated to some of my female friends who are married, that men love good foods and s£x. One of the effective way to improve the s£x performance of their husband, if they must, is to change the constituent of his diet. That is quite an unusual advice but you never can tell. Putting that in mind, is egg one of such food items that could unleash a better s£x? Maybe, maybe not.

Argument on this topic by Farm Owners
One factor that has caused many men to perform poorly during s£x is stress which is usually from the mind. Having said that, marketers of vitamin supplementation have claimed that vitamin B is a major micro nutrient that will help reduce mind stress.

The argument that many farm owners have also put to the table is that egg is rich in B vitamins and as such can help reduce stress which sometimes causes poor s£x performance. In fact, the proponents of this claim say, with a plateful of eggs whether scramble or boiled eggs on the morning of your deal date, the available B vitamins will keep you calm and  prevent premature £jacuIation due to anxiety. Can this be true?

Eggs Helping Men Perform Better In S£x? Myth or Truth?
Truly, Egg is a wonder food which everyone should include into their diets at recommended intake levels regardless of their age provided it does not trigger any reaction in their body. I have also argued that in as much as the B vitamins are key to ensure a healthy heart, blood production, improved energy to mention a few, it could be a fallacy to categorically claim that consumption of eggs due to the richness in B vitamins will lead to better s£x performance.

In my days of digging the web to find research work (relating to egg and s£x performance) done by any credible institution, I could not find an established fact on it. However, certainly, a healthy nutrition which is usually based on a combination of many food items from different food groups including egg protein will definitely aid or improve your chances of performing better in bed provided all other external factors which could inhibit a man’s performance during s£x is not in play.

If you have heard such information that eggs could help you perform better in bed, it is not necessarily true and based on the information you should not unnecessarily indulge in egg consumption before s£x as this could make you become prone to disease conditions that are associated with excessive egg consumption. A combination of a healthy diet can help, however, speaking to a general practitioner on your peculiar poor performance during s£x might also be helpful.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

In this part of the globe, skinny is not necessary sexy. Overseas, people see skinny as hot but here in Naija, we see skinny as hunger and malnutrition. I have weighed 45kg for 5 years now and i'm about 5ft 6" so I'm a very practical example of a Naija skinny girl (Even though it's not intentional). Along the line of my skinny life, I have encountered various opinions and gestures as regards my weight. I can remember a day when one man (a total stranger) offered me money to eat because he thought I was going to "break" if I didn't eat at that moment.

If you think skinny is sexy and that Beyonce, Rihanna and the likes are termed sexy because they are skinny then you have to see me to become a better judge. The last time I saw Beyonce (on instagram of course) she was not half as skinny as I am.

However, in this short piece, I have put together some challenges that skinny girls like me face on a daily basis and how everybody reiterates the fact that skinny is not sexy directly or in directly.

People call you all sorts of names.
This started happening to me since I was in primary school and I'm still living with it till today. They call me skeleton, toothpick, lekpa, doguwa, broomstick (not even the entire broom, just a stick), selfie stick (I consider this far better than the rest).

"Don't you think you should be a model?"
I've heard this a thousand times. At first I felt I was so pretty that's why the whole world wanted me to model. But then I realised that they meant I couldn't survive in any other field aside modelling. Someone once told me that models don't need energy because all they ever do is smile/frown or pose/walk and that it'll prevent me from "breaking".....

"You'll break in the 'other room'"
Everyone still believes I'm single because I'm skinny. A very close friend told me that men are scared because I might not be able to handle them in the other room and I'm like 'WTF'!!!!! What has skinny even got to do with matters of the other room?

I'm a regular customer to my tailor's.
I visit my tailor any time I visit the market so my clothes can be ammended and adjusted. So I don't just spend money to buy clothes, I also spend money to ammend them.

People don't believe swallow is my favorite food. They believe i live on indomie and junk alone. Anytime I decide not to wear make-up, I'm mistaken for a secondary school sick girl. Everyone seems to leave a final remark on my weight... "You'll blow when you start having babies".

I'm very proud of my skinny and I think size and preference are twins that shouldn't fight all the time. If we prefer someone plumpy or skinny, we should keep it in our thoughts rather than making people feel bad about themselves cause people really do care about what they weigh.

Skinny is sexy just as plumpy is sexy, the only difference is in who's watching.

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