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Thursday, 23 June 2016

7 ways to keep your Ankara from fading

The Ankara Fabric is one that is very delicate and can easily be ruined if not properly taken care.
I highlighted 7 ways to care for your Ankara and to prevent them from fading.

1.Don't wash with detergent
Detergents are really harsh on fabric and they can easily fade clothes especially the ensure to always use mild soap when washing.

2.Wash only when necessary
Be careful to wash only when needed, u don't have to wash too many times as the fabric does not easily absorb dirt. Too Much washing, washes off the colour.

3.Avoid washing machine.
Avoid using washing machines as much as possible as they can make the fabric rough.

4.Treat only where needs cleansing
There are times when you just need to wash only the spot that is stained and not the entire clothe.

5.Use Baking powder
Use Baking powder or any other substance that is not as harsh as bleech to remove stains.

Try using a teaspoon of salt to wash your Ankara as it helps to lock the colour. This is also needed for clothes that normally washes off colours.

7.Iron and fold after wash
Be careful to iron and fold the fabric after washing as it helps to preserve the starch content.

Follow these steps and enjoy a long lasting Ankara fabric.

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