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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


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I wanna base this post on what fashion means and stands for. Due to many conversations I've had with different people of recent, I think its important for us to know about the term that most of use everyday; FASHION.

Commonly said, looking good is good business. This does not just entail wearing good clothes but also maintaining good health (body structure) as well as a comfortable surrounding to attract the proper kind of people.
we have been configured to underestimate the power of fashion. I once asked a friend what fashion meant to him, he replied me by stating clearly that, "fashion means wearing the 'latest' clothes, shoes, and accessories". Perhaps, if I were to ask you the same question your response might be similar.(mine was a few months

Fashion, of course deals with what we wear on our bodies. however, there are various aspects to what it stands for.

  • Fashion is style personalized,
  • Fashion is comfortable,
  • Fashion is not shy,
  • Fashion is knowing your body type and fitting into it,
  • Fashion is expression,
  • Fashion is culture,
  • Fashion  is socially acceptable,
  • Fashion is classy,
  • Fashion is you
And as a friend once put it "life is fashion".
It is important to understand that its not about what you wear BUT about how you feel about what you wear, fully knowing well that when the comfort is absent, the essence is lost.

Fashion points at not just our appearances but also the look of our homes, our clothes, our offices, our events, our body shape, our complexion, our churches, our bags, our hairdos, makeup and lots more.

At Ericadianas, I bring hints and facts on our everyday fashion lifestyle. Since fashion is personalized, I hope to cut across people from all walks of life.

I should feature topics such as Fashion for Sunday outings, Campus look, keeping fit, Proper Event Decoration, Wedding bells, My home and I, The 'How to', 'what to', 'where to', 'who does that!', and 'don't do that' facts about fashion and so much more.

My ultimate aim is to make everyone feel beautiful about themselves. Remember, you decide the manner in which you are addressed by the way you dress.

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