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Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Fashionista-Fashion Designer "Joy Dumebi"

On this first edition of Friday Fashionista, i'm gonno introduce a wonderful personality

I met this really beautiful fashion designer....she's talented,  elegant and she sure can help you slay.
Join me to unravel who she is and how she does what she does.

Hello, it's really good to have you here. What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Ekwubi DuMebi Joy and I'm from Aniocha north Omnicha Ugbo

Okay, beautiful.....your occupation

I'm a student and a Fashion Designer

Fabulous, what do you like doing? More like your hobbies?

Not much but i love Singing, Dancing, Drawing.

Wow, I love singing too. So tell me, why exactly did you chose to become a fashion designer?

I became a fashion designer because I like the way beautiful and well sewn dresses look on people.

Ok, As a fashion designer, what will you say is you inspiration?

I am inspired by the smile I put on people's faces when they are satisfied with their dresses and the fact that for every time I make a dress for anyone, I have sort of solved a problem.

What are your challenges in fashion designing?

Major challange is that the act of constructing dresses could really stressful

Most people say the technicality of being a fashion designer is hard, what's your take.

They are right, its not easy,   Without a strong Motivation one may not b able to cope

Who is your role model?

I'm dont have a role model HOPE it's not a bad thing. Thats cause I learn from every good fashion designer out there.

If you were asked to make a dress for say a celebrity. ...Who will that be?

Wow,  that would be
Agbani Darego
Or Genevive Nnaji

How long does it take to make a dress?

3 hours

What's your favourite quote?

The problem is that I don't know when to quit.

Fabulous, how can possible client contact you
My fone number 08075785204

Thank you Miss Joy

You can all go follow her on Instagram @joy_dumebi

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Do have a lovely weekend

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