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Saturday, 6 August 2016

How to keep your jeans long lasting

Denim, otherwise known as jean is a very delegate material and it is very important to maintain it as it can easily lose its quality and colour.
I put together some dos and donts in term of caring for your Jean that if followed would turn your denim into ancient of days.

Here they are:

1. Avoid washing too much
This will sound really cool to the folks that dont like doing laundry. As funny as it sounds to the clean folks, jeans donot need too much washing as it tends to fade easily. It's just the way it is-not that I don't want you to wash your clothe-jeans are just as such.

2. Wash the back instead
It is very important to turn your jean inside out when you are finally washing,  as this also prevent fading.

3. If it's New, wash with salt
If you just got the Jean, endeavour to wash with 2 teaspoons of salt. This helps to prevent decolouration.

4.always wash with your hands.
Get uncomfortable and wash your demin with your hand rather than with a washing machine. This helps to extend the life span

5.Avoid washing with Detergent.
Detergent is not your jeans friend at all. Wash with bar soap to retain its composition.

6. Use cold water. 
This is really healthy for your denim. The colder the better.

7. Always air dry 
Lastly, don't keep your demin damp. After washing endeavour to air dry.

Do this and thank me later.

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