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Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Artistic MUA

You must have met one or two make up Artists but believe me, you've not met this kind.
I managed to steal an interview with her and I got to learn a lot! I think you'd say the day after you read through.

Can I meet you ma'am
Yes please

What's your name and where are you from?
I'm Osemwota Aiseosa  from Ovia North East LGA in  Edo state.

Wow, beautiful.....I'm from Edo state as well.So to make it official,  what's your occupation??

I am a make-up artiste and a Student. Currently a 300 level student department of Science Laboratory Technology  in University of Benin

Well you are really good at what you do, when did you start learning?

Uhmm well, have always been one right from birth.
Am an artist, I love drawing and painting so much. So I see makeup as another path in expressing art.Bascially The breakthrough started 2yrs back

That's so amazing. Who tutored you or what make up school did you attend?

I belive none, I learnt from everyone
Starting learning from youtube videos and all youtube could offer.

OMG! You mean you never actually learnt! That's fantastic. What's your biggest challenge as a make up artist?

Being a makeup artist I face alot of challenges. Most importantly it is best to establishing a good relationship with clients, amidst  others. Products can be challenging!!! basically product bioavailablity! some certain brands are hard to get, fakes everywhere  and the list goes on. I'm doing it for the fun and then the money comes in. otherwise i dont really have challenges.

You know a client may ask for a particular makeup that you are not sure would fit, how do you cope with that?

Well like i said before you have to have a mutual relationship with your client. As far as they trust you, they would be satisfied but if eventually they have a look in mind that wont suit, then you can politely convince them to choosing another or give them the look but a twist with either the lip color or something else

Do you apply make for special events?name the kind of events you can make someone up for

Yea of course. Weddings, birthday just name them.

How can possible clients contact you?

They can contact me on my various online page or my phone number.

Thanks for allowing this interview

Guys for bookings and enquiries, you can catch her on
Instagram @iamhartstein
Snapchat AJ
Phone number 08077542178

What do you think about this make-up artist, let the comment roll in!!!

Love you guys!

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