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Thursday, 25 August 2016

True Talk Thursday-Love is not enough

In 1967, John Lennon wrote a song and titled 'All you need is love" but Lennon happened to be a wife beater, he was married to two women and even abandoned one of his children.
Thirty years after, Trent Reznor an American song writer wrote a song titled "love is not enough" Reznor was famous for his shocking stage performance and disturbing videos, despite all these he did not do drugs or take alcohol,he married one woman and had all his children with her.
Lennon and Reznor sang about love but just one of them had a clear understanding about love, while the other saw love as a solution to all his problem.
Today, many people see love as a cure to their problem but in reality love never solves a problem,it only makes u ignore the problem for a while and a problem not properly tackled will always find its way back.
While growing up I envisaged love to be what I read in bestseller Romance novel but today I can say that I envisaged wrongly, love is not as we see in movies or novels,we over estimate love and as such pay the price when the expected is not gotten.
When we believe that love is all that is needed. Like Lennon, we ignore every other attribute needed to build a relationship and this in the long run comes with an heartbreak.
But if like Reznor we believe love is not enough, we realize much more than pity, passion,lust and emotions is needed for an healthy relationship.
Compatibility is needed, it is possible to fall in love with someone who does not treat us well, who make us feel worse about ourselves,who do not hold same respect for us as we hold for them, whose values,goals, beliefs and aspirations conflict with ours when this happens remember Love is not enough to jump into that relationship.

Written by:Nnedosa Roseline.


  1. God is enough... True word... Inspired

  2. A nice piece. Keep it up. Meanwhile, you concluded too quickly among other observations


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