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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What you didn't know about MC Casino

Hey Guys
Guess who I'm gonno be interviewing today!!!!!
It's MC Casino!!!!
And you are sure gonno find out a thing or two about this wonderful personality
Sit back, relax and read on

Can we meet you sir?

Oh yes
Lawrence Osarenkhoe is my name, I'm a Bini boy frm Edo state. A Fisheries graduate from Uniben, I do stand up comedy/ compere and was also an OAP with silverbird Benin at a time

Wow, fantastic! That's really a lot.
So tell me, what inspired the name MC Casino?

Lol, well it was from a movie done by Jim iyke. I use to be a huge fan of him. In fact my entire family especially my dad.

Lol, I bet no body would have guessed that. So, What are the things you like doing

Talking politics, making people laugh then gisting with friends.
You know I have my political side, I was the SUG vice President in Uniben in 2010. I enjoy political analysis more than Ghana jollof rice.

What has been your inspiration as regards comedy; what has kept you going?

Raw talent and humility has kept me going, then originality is my selling point.

By Originality, what do you mean?

I try to create 80 percent of my jokes

Wow, that's pure talent!
Over to the fashion aspect, What's your take on "dress the way you wanna be adressed"

It's very true and it has been working for me personally.

Ok, what will you never be caught wearing?

Lol, big chains, military camouflage, skinny jeans, hand less, sagging, and dreadlocks.
Hmmm, you seem like a perfect gentleman. much money are you willing to invest in your wardrobe?

It's always 20% of my monthly turnover and I personally like wristwatches and shoes.

Who's your favourite Nigerian designer?

I don't do big names but I like mudi

Okay, enough fashion! Tell me about your most memorable day as a comedian

The day I got a Visa to perform in UK with Basket Mouth, wizkid, Olamide, Salvador frm Uganda and oda comedians. I almost collapsed in VI, Lagos.
It was actually a tour and my sisters goose pimples were all over me.

How bout your worst experience?

That was when I was contracted to perform at a show in OWO along side clever J and Danny young,, the show did not go as planned cause it rained heavily, the organizers and I had to beg them to come back Benin..that was 2009

You've got so many fans, so many people looking up to you. ...any word?

Be calm and don't be in a hurry to be on Top, Work more on ur content than ur container
It's a gradual process
I did auditioning to perform in Nite of thousand laughs 2013. I was one of d anchor of the same show in Benin.
Also in Owerri 2016 and Benin 2015 I perform at the Glo laffter fest and I have just been billed for AY live in Benin September 18th, so the life is a process.

Wow, that's so true! Now a sensitive question, when will we come and see you  knot the tie?

Lol, Not now at all
First I am still trying to build a stable relationship after my last one crashed.
For now am more concerned about my career than marriage.

Hmmm, i see! Final question, what's your favourite quote?

Oh man know thy self.

Thank you so much MC Casino for joining us today, we hope to hear greater things from you.

And to you my audience, thanks for taking your time to visit my blog today, i hope to see you tomorrow
Have a lovely day ahead

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  1. No joke from MC Casino? So not fair.. nice outing, though..


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