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Thursday, 8 September 2016

7 questions to ask yourself before diving into a relationship

Relationships are beautiful. It's a wonderful feeling to have that special someone that gives you enough reason to smile always.

We may be in a relationship and yet not even understand what we are in. We think its an 'i like you, you like me-we date' kinda thing.

We enter into a relationship most times because of the people around us. They are so keen about your relationship status more than anything else about you. You chat someone up for the first time and they pop up the question so fast. "Are you in a relationship?" Or "hows bae"

This is how the society has defined a relationship, As a place of agreement where we go out, get familiar, kiss, make out, have sxx,  try to get alone, take pictures, be in love, 'think' we are a perfect match,make others think so too. (That's why they tie too much attention to it)

This orientation is wrong, a relationship as I have always said is not a place to express sexual wants or desires but a place of understanding and preparation for what is next. It is a place to learn from your spouse, become a better person, see if your tally, see if you can condol your bad sides and grow in love.

Before you date anyone, ask your self these questions to check if truly your intentions are positive.

  1. Why am I gonno date this person
  2. Will I add value to this person?
  3. Is it because I wanna get in this person's underwear?
  4. Am I truly ready for commitment?
  5. How well do I know this person?
  6. Do our goals tally?
  7. Apart from love, sxx, and money, what else can we genuinely offer each other?

I bet you wouldn't make the wrong choice if you bear this questions in mind. They will guide you to attaining the right reason of being in a relationship happily and fruitfully.

Do have a lovely day ahead!

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