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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Being a drug addict makes you smarter

“I felt that I was more fun when I was drunk. Soon after [I started drinking] I was introduced to marijuana . . . . Later, I was hanging out at a friend’s house smoking marijuana when someone pulled out a bag of cocaine. Snorting cocaine quickly became a daily habit. I was stealing money from my parents’ business and from my grandparents on a daily basis to support my alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and LSD habits. Then I was introduced to OxyContin and began using it on a regular basis. By the time I realized I was addicted, snorting OxyContin was part of my daily routine. I needed something stronger—and was introduced to heroin . I would stop at nothing to get high. My addiction was winning. And every time I tried to kick it, the physical craving would send me back for more.” —Edith

It starts so small-more like planting a tree with a very tiny seed. Then it begins to develop, it gradually turns into an habit, then into a lifestyle.

Yes, we all face terror, we all feel weary at one point or another. We all feel as though life....No sorry "God" has turned his back on us. We all go through diverse circumstances everyday-Whether we are rich or poor. Life cannot always be positive and fun and smooth at all times. You just have to understand that, you just have to realize that-its actually the cold stoned truth.

Although life destroys most of our plans, although life takes away our happiness and joy. Although life kidnaps our loved ones away from us, although life doesn't give us what we want, although we find ourselves struggling in planet earth, although we all crave happiness yet we all don't give in to drugs to remain happy and stable.

Drugs helps a lot, it helps you hide reality and blindfolds you from the truth. It makes you think you are going high but honey, it's digging your pit so low. You feel depressed, you "burn the fire". Then you feel better; but soon the fire quenches and you return back to depression; even worse than it use to be.
It makes you think that you've escaped, you've conquered, you fit it, you are loose, creative, happy, can do what you want, seem grown up, can rebel, talk as you like, be free and yes lack reasoning. It cheats you so much, cause you actually can feel all these beautiful feelings without being a prisoner of the smoke.
You can be as creative and free as you want without the wrapped sheet and the wild flames. All you have to do is to understand that the smokes wouldn't change the Facts, it wouldn't even procrastinate it. It'll just keep you tied down searching for a higher substance to make you feel alright.

You can't tie your happiness to the smoke, the drugs can't be your mood regulator or rather your life controller, You have a will. A will to control how and what you want to feel like irrespective of what anyone thinks. Don't start what you can't finish-what will only end six feet below. Being a drug addict is being a prisioner to your own will and believe me, that is not being smart. That's just being pathetic.
The world is not over yet, so even if you've started already, there is a clean way out. Will be posting "how to break the addiction" very soon. So stay tuned


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