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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Cheats don't work for everybody

You must have heard of this saying once or twice, "cheat/promo doesn't work for everybody". (Ofcourse not, i made it up.)

It may or may not be true but I've heard stories where some cheats don't work for some people. I got my own share of such experience last week.

I wanted so badly to get for myself a domain name. Didn't really know how to do it so I talked to a really good friend of mine about it. He told me that there's an on going promo in a particular site and I can get it done for half the original price.(It worked for him twice)

Trust a typical Niger babe, i didn't hesitate to transfer the money to him immediately. I felt so happy. 

It took several hours for him to get the money (that was initially scary). when he finally got the money in the evening, he started to work on it. I gave him all the details he asked for and went to sleep with the hope that when I wake up the next morning, my blog will be automatic

The next day being Saturday, I was optimistic, tried loading the page but it was showing error. I asked him what happened and he told me that he was unable to do it. He said he was gonno try and would hopefully be done before that evening.

That evening he told me that he couldn't do it(would have explained why but I didn't even understand the reasons) He said I'll have to wait for almost a month so that when we meet, he'll use my phone.

I obviously couldn't wait for a month cause my mind was stayed on getting it done. So i just transfered the remaining cash to him and told him to do it the right way.

The next day it was done and I own the domain name afterall.

.......and that's my own share of experience

Do have a lovely day ahead!

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  1. Hope you've learnt your lesson!

    Never try to cheat!


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