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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

DIY-How to turn a T-Shirt into a dress

This is one very unusual post but I just felt like doing it. Took my dad's T-Shirt yesterday and started playing with it. After turning it into a dress, i wore it through out the day, it didn't loose o.

Who knows, This might just become useful on one 'rainy day'.

Step one: look for the right T-Shirt. One with good colour combination.

 Step two: wear the T-Shirt in such a way that the neck will be around your chest.

 Step three: take one of the sleeve, pin or wrap it in the opposite end.

Final step: Pin or wrap in the other sleeve into the opposite direction and Volla!!! Your dress is made.

I hope this was helpful....All thanks to my mum for the shots. In her words 'we will get a better camera soon'

Have a lovely day ahead.

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  1. Are you mo'kidn me? You guys won't let us be on anything! Have pity for Heaven's sake!

    😾But you look good though.


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