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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Do "it" in the morning

If everyone was like me, the world would have been dead in the mornings. My morning sleep is so precious to me. It's that time of the day where I begin to cruise and ride on the dream world. I hate to wake up at this time.

I discovered that on the days where I have very very important things to do. Most times things that I've been anticipating, i jump off the bed, off the dream land with so much enthusiasm. So I started making my every morning important. I started anticipating my every day activity and now I wake up early.

You too can do this in the morning. You have to create the anticipation to get something done or to see someone or to eat, lol.

First, you have to sleep well.
Some of us think we can cheat nature. But the truth is, We will end up cheating ourselves and causing alot of trouble for ourselves in old age. To wake up early healthily, you have to sleep enough. Create enough sleeping time for yourself. You are not a machine or a computer (even these blowup if you don't shut them down for too long) The amount of "enough" sleep you get is directly proportional to how fast you can wake up. Take note.

Put your alarm around the room.
I personally don't work with alarms cause they seldom work for me. I'd just keep snoozing and snoozing. If you are like that, you could put the alarm around the room in such a way that you'll have to get up to switch it off. That might prompt you to wake up but if you are like me again (The one that will go back to bed), the next tip would help. 

Prepare your mind in Anticipation. 
Just before you sleep, create mental pictures of what you need to do, why you need to wake up, what you wanna get to. Attach a sense of importance to it and believe'll even want to wake u before the supposed time.

Lol, this might sound funny but it works. At that point where you are in between dream and world. Jump off the bed and break the chains of sleep.

Don't procrastinate.
Don't start pushing forward the time. I use to do that alot. Would push my 5am to 7am and then end up rushing when I finally wake up.

I hope you'll put these into practise. 

Have an amazing day!

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