Wednesday, 14 September 2016

He slept with you, He was a "spirikoko"

You saw HIM;
You were indifferent;
He was cute
Looked so innocent;
You didn't notice some attributes
Cause you were in love with some other persons;
"Stupidly in love"
You always thought about them,
They kept  you going,
They gave you pleasures in ways you could not understand,
You were always with them,
They were more than family,
They completed you,
You were always Talking, playing, laughing, bathing,  
All so intimately.
They were God the father, son and Holy spirit.
They were your "Home",
They were your 'company'
Three in one and you made them four
All Dwelling daily in awe

Back to 'HIM'
He said he loved them too,
Told you so much about them.
Taught you about them.
Preached about them.
Most of your discussions were about them.
And how well they can affect lives .
Gradually you became his friend.
You talked, played, laughed.
It felt good to do this with a human.
It was starting to feel normal.
As though you've been friends for ages
It was happening so fast
Oh...He was such a gentle man
Made you feel like a priceless jewel.
This feeling was awesome 
But still' you were 'just' friends
Sooner or later you were holding hands,
Attending same church,
You were taking walks,
Talking daily,
Taking pictures,
Going on dates,
Your Conversations were drifting,
It wasn't about how much you loved your "company",
But now, it was how much you loved spending time together.

Then it happened!!!
He kissed you
And he whispered....'welcome to my empire'
Your heart was vibrating
Your mind went sky diving 
What was this???
You kept on asking.
Is this heaven on earth??
You were still praying 
But was it wrong to kiss?
You asked 'yourself'
It felt right
So right!
And you were scared to find out that its wrong; so you blocked out the thought.
The intensity was increasing,
The hunger,
The closeness,
The fellowship,
The kisses,
The smooching,
All Were getting deeper and deeper and you didn't wanna think you were sinning coz you understood Grace.
You were ashamed to talk to your "company"
You felt naked within; just like Adam and Eve
But still he emphasised how much he needed you.
How much you made him happy.
At that point, That was all that mattered to You.
You both talked about your wedding and your kids and how life was gonno be so glorious.
He told you he loved you
And you said you loved him more; and it was true
Your company were still there but you were absent minded and could not see them.
You stopped praying, bible reading, regular church going, tongueing and other daily activities you use to have.

You knew there was an empty space but you didn't know how to fill it.
You wanted to ask questions on relationship but you couldn't ask anyone;
He told you making out was no Sin but sex was the sin
He was right.
He had to be right.
You accepted his ideology and swam in his philosophy.
Was he wrong??
We are yet to find out!
You now even bathed naked with him
Na you ooo!!
Well, one of those days;
You went to his place;
The romance was hot,
He was all over you,
You gave him a blow job,
He gave you heads up,
You were feeling your self,
You wanted to be wild and free,
So you committed and had s*x with your "spirikoko"

Anyways, From the next morning,
His attitude changed;
He wasn't talking to you properly anymore;
All sweet words died;
You were left hanging;
You told him how you felt but he respondet not;
You told him you loved him and he left no reply,
You called him and it was so dry.
You felt like crap.
You began to feel dirty, stupid, naive, idiotic, you were crying.
You were in deep pain.
What was most painful;
Was the fact that he gave you no reason to walk away.
He just did!
He didn't explain nothing.
And you were wounded and insulted. 
That was wen u remembered your first love.
Your home
The home you abandoned 
The home you left unkempt
Where your Three family members were.
Feel no grudge for him my dear.
For He too, was a victim; same as you were.

One word??

Some of you can relate!
Do have a lovely day 

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how he almost rape me

He took me out but didnt pay my bills


Spirikoko wasn't sharp or maybe God just saved her, just once?

this one serious gan o……… "He told you making out was no Sin but sex was the sinHe was right.He had to be right.You accepted his ideology and swam in his philosophy."

nice one Erica dianas ... she was Lucky.. just luck

Thank you very much Austino....Yes, she was really lucky.

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