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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Heartbreak is good; it makes you see the girl in the mirror

He slammed the door and left
Wonderful memories all gone
Heartbroken; to her I went 
Adorable but heart wasn't won

Holding myself from crying, I walked up to her, 
My gaits were a little bit stealthy, 
Like that of a bride walking down the aisle, 
With the space for a Groom displaying 'VACANCY'

what wrong have I done, for him to leave,  he didn't care
To me all along he was just so unfair. 
With one glance at the girl in the mirror, 
I could write a book of what I saw. 

Firmly she stands 
Endowed by God's blessings. 
Unshakable hands, 
Even when it comes to wrestling 

Your lips, your eyes, your soul 
Are like a work of art
The most creative thing of all
Is your beautiful heart 

If you were a painting 
No color could express 
The beauty deep inside you
A rainbow, nothing less. 

If you were a sculpture 
The clay could hardly make 
Your figure of an angel 
Without one mistake. 

If you were a Euphony 
No choir could really sing
All the beautiful music 
Your eyes could possibly bring 

So here I am, an artist, 
With inspiration beyond belief, 
But to capture such rare sweetness of yours, 
I'd have to be a thief. 

Tick Tock, Tick Tock! 
The room became silent 
All I could hear was the sound of the clock. 
Before I go, I viewed her in full length. 

I touched her hands, 
I felt hers on mine, 
I was about leaving with the sound of the band, 
She did same just in time. 

Sadly I waved, she waved in a second too. 
Tear drops rolled down her cheeks. 
I wondered why she turned blue. 
Hmm... What more does he seek??? 

Like a blast of wind on flickering candle. 
I felt something soft on my cheek. 
Tissue; he whipped away my tears. 
I couldn't believe I was crying too. 

He was there watching my every move.
Unfortunately ; I was just a fool. 
She is me; me is she; I am her. 
Why was he just so far! 

'I am sorry' was all he has got, 
But 'I am sorry' meant a whole lot. 
He took my hands away from hers. 
Then he said 'you are more beautiful than her'. 

All I said about her was about me. 
Oh I'm in love with the girl in the mirror, 
Behold, he's in love with me and my reflection!!!  

Girl In The Mirror 

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