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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Hot, Sexy But a Turnoff

She kits up with the latest!
High waist Jean, Crop top and Stilettos 
Her make up is worth "a million dollars,"
And her Brazilian hair flies around like rays of golden sun.
You walk by her and all you can think of is "ice cream"- that's cause she smells nice.
She's hot, perfect in edges-she's sexy and beautiful
She sets out on this date with Mr Unknown.
All slayed up.

He kits up with the latest!
But he's with more of gym work.
He looks so smoking hot.
With the right muscles in the right places.
He is so demn cute-He must have used the pink lip solution.
His mind is heavy, cause he wants to see Miss Unknown
How to impress is all he thinks of but he missed it, just a little bit. 
He's hot, He's Sexy but he dashed out looking so demn rough

With his rumpled shirt and dirty jean
Worn out shoes and repulsive Smell
He stands in front of Princess Charming.
Holding up a big grin.

Oh what a total turn off it turned out to be!
A perfect body with the wrong covering.
She's so shy to be around him
Cause he's more like a driver rather than a date
Every one of this awesome characteristic seems wrong and were completely ignored
For he missed it from his own front door.
He's hot
He's sexy 
but was a turn off.

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