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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to look stunning yet inexpensive

Exclusively For Guys
Stunning yet inexpensive?? Sounds weird right?? I was a headstrong partisan of this notion before I came across this facebook friend of mine. He posted a picture that flogged this notion out of me. 

This my friend in real life had a big eye, big lips, dark coarse skin and looked food lacking (sounded harsh right??), nonetheless, I could not take my eyes off his pictures due to their gobsmacking nature and as much as I knew, we were in the same financial class (slightly below average) and he attracted a bevy of ladies like a magnet which got me jealous most times. Where was this cuteness emanating from I kept asking myself. I had to put on my thinking cap as I was been pushed to the wall till I became a wall paper initiating this million dollars worth piece.

Let us leave gists for gisters and get back to our subject of discussion. I will not fail to mention that in this so called `buharific‘ era this article is worthwhile because they say `looking good is good business‘ and `how you dress so will you be addressed‘. With all these well noted lets get started, we will go through some ways we can look stunning to the `g‘.

BE CORPORATE: - most times we hear the word corporate, we imply a suit, tie and shoes to match and it is far from that. I came across a post that read `corporate guys have class while casual guys have swag‘. Being corporately dressed actually makes you look classy. You can wear a corporate shirt, tie, suspenders, pant and a corresponding shoe to match, or go with a bishop neck, nice pants, and fashionable shoes, with or without suspenders would all be fresh to go on. During cold seasons, a corresponding jacket or coat can be added, and a hat might be necessary to get the ladies tripping.

PINK LIPS: - Researches have shown that girls get attracted to guys with pink lips more than those without it. There are natural and artificial ways to get your lips calling for attention, but it is a subject for another day, still, look it up.

SHOES AND WATCHES: - These are the items that tend to constitute the `expensive‘ in the word `inexpensive‘. Shoes form a major part of your dressing and they can not be simply overlooked. Personally, I prefer Italian designer shoes like brogues and Vero cuoiuo and I can say these foot wears are still serving their purpose diligently. Watches sound luxurious but they are really not, that is why I advise people to go for leather and rubber watches that are fashionable rather than gold watches that cost a fortune. Personally, I am using an adiddas watch that just celebrated its second year birthday few weeks ago and I haven’t had a cause to repair it except the hook that got missing. So, shoes and watches are worth the luxury as their need cannot be overemphasized.

SHADES: - well, I do not see shades as a necessity because I am not a partisan but good shades are fun to rock.

LOOK SMART: - smartness is another quintessential fact that cannot be ruled out of this topic. Know what fits you and do not go with a too big or too tight outfit. Always iron your wears and use a nice perfume or cologne to match. Nice haircuts and styles are of pretty good importance, do not joke with them. Your shoes should be polished always because `looking good is good business‘.

AVOID EXCESSES: - `too many cooks spoil the broth‘ they say. Too much additives like bracelets, bangles, more than one fashion ring, chains and its likes. These excesses center viewers’ attention on themselves rather than on the general appearance.

OBEY LAWS OF DRESSING: - There are basic rules of dressing you must adhere strictly to. You must not wear a striped tie on a plain shirt and vice versa, your shoe and belt must be of almost the same colour and almost the same material, the colour of your shoes must match you pants or socks and of such likes.

If I am to carry out an estimate of a corporate dressing and a club or party outfit, I am sure the difference would be worth having a bag of rice in my store. All these and more are what as guys should not be missing in our day to day dressing. As I return my reagents back to their containers, I must reemphasize that you can look super-stunning with little effect on your pocket.

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