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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to overcome snoring.

This one is quite sensitive but statistics shows that 45% of Adults snore. It's one common thing that most people struggle with. They've come to believe that it's beyond their control

I wrote this article for the category of people that snore, those that have family members that snore and those that generally need the knowledge. It really could be embarrassing to always snore and disturb other people's sleep while you are enjoying yours.

  • The first step to overcoming snoring is to know the different types of snore and identifying what type yours fall under.
  1. Closed-mouth snoring indicates that your tongue is the cause of your snoring, and that some exercises and lifestyle changes should help eliminate the snoring.
  2. Open-mouthed snoring can be caused by sinus trouble or by posture in bed, and can be remedied by addressing those issues.
  3. Snoring from any position might indicate apnea or other significant issues that will require more substantial medical treatment to address.
  • Next is to figure out your body structure, understand why you as a person snore. Identifying the reason for a problem is the first step towards solution.
  • Many people snore for various reasons, it could as a result of Heavy Drinking, Smoking, Nasal congestion, Over weight, Sleeping Position, Too much consumption of fatty substance and occasionally 'Tiredness'.
  • Change your sleeping position and sleep on your sides. Make that conscious effort to start sleeping on your sides.
  • Keep a properly ventilated room before sleeping
  • Quit smoking and heavy drinking (If you smoke)
  • Exercise to reduce weight
  • Talk to your family members or friends about it, and ask them to always tap you whenever you snore 
  • See a doctor (it's that important) for nasal treatment.
  • Don't feel bad rather feel determined to overcome it. You can do it!

Hope this was helpful!
Do have a lovely day ahead

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  1. thanks, its great. snoring can be very embarrassing at times but i love your tips and ideas.


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