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Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to plan for a semester if you are the "busy type"

I came up with this blog post basically for students cause if you are a student like me, you'll prolly need it. So I really want you to relate! 

Starting a new semester is really not as easy as it sounds, there are a lot of things one would need to put together to ensure a smooth semester. Aside from the freshman students, we've all had our share of experience on how the school system works. How you could plan to do something and then kill the resolution just before the middle of the semester. We all want to do better than the previous semester especially when the GPA is not nice looking.

If not properly planned you may find yourself running from one class to another, going to print this and type that,running to night classes, having fun and forgetting your self. Practically jumping from one activity with no conscious aim.

If you are the type of student that is engaged in other important activities (like me again), maybe blogging, music, church responsibilities, comedy, Sports,  politics or other extra curricular activities. It may therefore become difficult for you to manage your time and do well in all areas.

So I put together tips that will ensure you success all the way from the beginning of every semester.

Note: they are not in an orderly manner

First, Take the time to sit down and plan. 
Create a goal! What do you want to see at the end of the semester? how much do you wanna achieve? Make a Smart Resolution 

  • S – specific – don’t say, “I want to get healthier”. Pick a goal – a real goal. Something with specific reasons, requirements, and constraints. Specify a benefit.
  • M – measurable – be able to measure your performance. A goal like, “I want to run a 5K in under 30 minutes” is great – you will know exactly when you’ve achieved it, and you have something to work towards. Something visible.
  • A – attainable – make your goal something you can attain in the near future. If you can’t even bench 100 pounds right now, don’t make it your goal to bench 225 right away. Shoot for 135, make it, and then raise the bar.
  • R – relevant – is this goal relevant to your life? It needs to really matter. A goal that doesn’t really matter to your life’s path isn’t going to be fulfilled – you just won’t be able to keep motivation.
  • T – time-bound – you need to set a time boundary for when this goal will be accomplished, so you are motivated to practice. The Alarm Trigger isn’t made-up; deadlines drive our performance.
This was extracted from this amazing work

Get your materials ready
It is really neccessary to know the courses you offer and get some materials (if not all). They'll help prepare your mind to become study inclined

Arrange your apartment/hostel space to fit
You have to be comfortable in your niche, It conditions the mind. Put your living space in order and make it smell good at all cost.

This is really important, plan to read for a specific time every day (from the first day of resumption)
As easy as it sounds, it's very hard to do. But it's a mindset thing. You have to push yourself. Even if it's just an hour it's worth it. Just make sure you read everyday. From your 'very busy schedule', you really can't say you didn't get one or two hours to read in a full 24hours (whether day or night). So no excuses on that one.

Do only what matters
It's very tempting to get carried away but do only what truly matters by having a Semester Journal. Where you write first your total goal for the semester and your goal for each day.
The idea is to write out what you wanna do each day, then tick out what you were able to do at the end of the day. (You'll have to" carry over" the ones you couldn't do to the next day) The semester Journal serves as a guide to attaining your Smart Resolution. 

Work now, Enjoy later
Understand that you'll always feel like taking the easy way out by trying to postpone what you have to do but you'll keep heaping ur "carry overs". So better work now to play later!

If your activities are overwhelming, cut them down
No body is gonno kill you, if your activities are too much. If they begin to distract you, please cut them down. It's better to succeed in few than to fail in many.

Rest and eat well, they help. 
You really need to rest and eat well. Lol, like my uncle will always say "if you break down, you might not write the exam".
I really don't want that for you,  so rest as much as you need and eat as well.

Spend less and save more, for exam days are coming
You'll agree with me that exam brings "brokeness". It's suppose to be the time where you should have enough but it always turn out otherwise. If it's like that for you, try to spend less and save more money and food stuff for the rainy day.

Remember that you are in the school first to succeed in academics
You are in the school first to succeed in academics so every other thing is subordinate to your book work. Always keep that in mind when ever you are going off the grid!

I really hope these tips will become tools for your success in every semester.

Do have a lovely day ahead!

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  1. true and perfect………infact, the stress is damn much ………Good one,keep it up

    1. Thanks dear....I'm glad you could relate

  2. sure! the stress is sum tin to talk about especially those related to student union government, they need sum tin like this


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