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Friday, 16 September 2016

How to read and understand (part one)

Attimes it gets so straining to read. Either because we've had a long day or we are hungry, we wanna sleep or we wanna just have fun. At such points we fail to understand what we are reading.

I came up with this post to basically help those in the "reading" society, read more effectively. This post is gonno run through every Fridays for a month So please stay tuned.

First, you need to kill distractions
Distraction is the mother of failure (that's why we pray against it in church). It could come to you in various forms; as hunger, as sleep, as your phone, laptop, a friend, a movie, whatever! Just make sure it is eliminated before you start reading because it gets your attention hacked.

Keep your dictionary close
many readers are very passive when reading. They see a big word that they don't understand and they don't bother checking out the meaning. It very dangerous cause it shows that you don't even understand the meaning of words(so you are wasting time with the book). So it's important to have a dictionary by you  (you could use your phones dictionary for easy access)

Create mental pictures
As childish as it sounds, it's the best way of memorizing any information. Create a picture of what you are reading. Be it anything. You remember a picture more effectively than a word.

Read aloud
Try reading aloud as it also help you memorise ( not in night class o, so they wouldn't think you lost your mind, lol). In your spare lonely reading time, try to read aloud-as though you are acting.

Theses Tips will be useless if you don't pit them into use, so please tool them up!

Do have an amazing day!

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