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Friday, 23 September 2016

Life always wins-You have no power to fight.

Ever had a dream? 
Of becoming something in life and then it came to pass?
Or you got something close? 
Or u got something at all?
If yes, You are such a lucky individual.

He always had a dream of becoming a doctor
He was born by two people who were being tossed on!
His mum never saw the four walls of a classroom
And his dad only got to primary six; oh that's true!
I will exclude exaggeration and state the situation as it clearly was.

He was an only child;
And he couldn't live life mild.
He had a dream, that he couldn't keep on his mind
Cause he was swayed constantly by other elements-picking his brains out. 
He lived in a single room, on the bed with his parents where they couldn't afford electricity and the rent was always a back to back hit. 
Mother did nothing, father did something that barely produced anything.
Eating was difficult, concentration was a war, imagination ran wild, 
help was needed but was not found.
Heart beat increased,
heat was unbearable,
depression sets in, 
He held strong trying not to breakdown or give in

Still it persists; hunger; thirst; 
peers, they said; "join us in robbery only once and things will be better, you'd be able to stop this poverty"
"No!!!!!!" he'd yell, "its wrong, I can't take what's not mine"
He started working as a sales boy.
Gradually the dream was Out, 
A precious jewel was gone,
He was too busy to notice.
Years flew and change was absent, father couldn't take the shame and gave in to suicide,
It began a cold war with life.

Oh no!
That didn't just happen!
Bread winner, Rent payer, Husband, Father, Shame 'coverer' was gone. 
What happens next
He cried
Held mother
Told her it'll be better
She screamed "How??????''
He knew she was right to ask, His presence still made it unbearable how would his absence be?
Neighbours came
Gave their condolences 
It wasnt needed but was accepted 
Dad was buried 
What next? ??
They were held in solemn anticipation. 

Mother had to start something
Something? ??
Oh yes, anything!!
She got a nanny job for an old lady and at least she was paid something 
They both tried hard to stay alive.
Hope was lost, they didn't bother looking for it.
2 years later
Robbers came, Asked for money, but there was nothing to give, The wickedness in their hearts was insipid and they unleashed a caged demon.
They fired mother on the chest and ran out of the house
Mother died
He couldn't cry
She was buried 
Months past
A year
Two years
He was pitied by all
But he didn't feel pity for himself 
He only felt so for life
Cos he was about to start the beginning of the end....
He wouldn't allow life win, He had a new dream, What was it?
We'd find out later on....

Have a lovely day.

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