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Monday, 19 September 2016

Make her beg

The friend zone is a deadly place to be in. (Happens to both sexes but more prominently to guys) Girls are fond of putting guys in the friends zone and keeping them there. 
The guy plays the boyfriend role but remains "just a friend" with no rewards whatsoever! The truth is bitter but girls do this to the the weak guys. The moment you start showing up strength, you'll find out that she'll be the one begging to be called your "girlfriend". 

The strategy of doing this is simple.

Stop obsession
As difficult as it is, you have to stop it. Stop the "over thinking", texting, calling, 'socio-media stalking', wishing, wanting. Its obvious she doesn't like you that way.....(she would have dated you if she did). Girls dont have time for guys that are all over them. They prefer the ones that don't have time for them. So play that role and unwear obsession.

Work on your appearance. I really don't know how to emphasize this but Work on how you look. Look confident, bold and smart. Always smell nice. Just generally upgrade your style. 

Bring her into your own friend zone. Provide her with her medicine. Make her a typical friend with no emotional or sensual attachment. A friend with no reward or sweet talk. Be bold to use the "we are just friends" line whenever the need arise. 

A little jealousy wouldn't kill her.
Just enjoy your life, have new friends of the opposite sex. Be really close to them. Have them meet her. Tell her about a particular one (lol) Go on dates and do whatever makes you happy. 

Take a break. Allow her miss and need you. Allow her call you to check on you. Text you. This will make her need you around. She'll crave your presence,  your time, your smile. She'll crave to be called your "girlfriend" believe me.

Girls often are attracted to those guys that friend zone them.(Yet they think they are the bosses of friend zoning)

You don't believe all these??
Give it a try!

Have a lovely day ahead!

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