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Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Boyfriend Thinks I'm a Pest

"I think I'm forcing myself on him. After the last date we had, I was the one that called and asked to see him again-he thinks i'm a pest"

Believe me, Some girls feel this way. They feel like they are the ones giving the guy all the attention and the wanting and the calls. They feel that he probably doesn't care about them and see them as pests.(some guys gives them enough reason to think like this though)

Now, I'm gonno correct that notion as effectively as I can. It is either a guy likes a girl or he doesn't.(There is nothing like intermediate love). If a guy doesn't like a girl-and the girl is not willing to give sex, he'll run miles away after the first date-honestly what is he waiting for? 

But on the other hand, if he does like a girl after the first date or first hangout, he's likely to react differently, depends on the kinda person he is.

Its Either he's an alpha man that is confident in himself or a beta man that is not.
An alpha man would call her up and be like "hey I had a nice time, would you be free on Thursday for another date" while a beta man would wait for you to call him(cause he's not sure you like him and he doesn't wanna blow it) and then be like "I had a nice time too, i do hope to see you one of these day"-Then she'll start having the he-doesnt-want-me kinda feeling.

The truth is, both men like the girl equally, they just have different level of confidence. And if you are a girl and you find out that the guy is a beta man, try and understand-make it easy for him to get to know you., before he gets free.

And guys, whether alpha or beta-understand that women want to feel needed and wanted, they want to know that you always think about them. They want that early morning text message, that surprise call and all that closure. (Lol, you need recharge card o)

If both party can understand these, dating will be alot more interesting and flexible, plus girls wouldn't feel like pests.

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  1. I think that lady up there☝ is beautiful 😃

  2. Awww, what a touching article 😱😿

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