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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Next time we meet, let's keep clothes on!

This is one poetry I find really fascinating. Enjoy!

Next time we meet
Let’s keep our clothes on.

Not a trail of items
leading to the kitchen,
or the lounge room
or the dining room table.

No, let’s keep our clothes on
long enough to rip them off
as if they’re burning skin.

Let us pretend
we haven’t envisioned them
on the floor
after we chased each others eyes
all the way to naked.

Lips pressing,
tongue’s swirling
on revealed skin.
Kiss me naked,
hands tracing
along sewn lines of fabric
begging to be ripped open
by the heat of teeth.

No, lets keep our clothes on
pulsating each-others desires
through motions in sync.

Pump, pump, pump,
as the blood rush
awakens our senses
begging for attention.
Let’s keep our clothes on,

ignoring the sound of our alarm
now a distant sound
over moans and screams.

A suggested prompt from Heath Houston, who I believe was inspired by Tamyka Bell and Mike Essig.

Have a lovely day ahead!

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