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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Repented Prostitute Vs Lustful Virgin

Which will you call better?
A repented prostitute or a lustful virgin?
They both have a very large margin. A margin that cuts across virginity and chastity. 

Most people feel that all virgins are chaste. They hear the word virginity and the first thing that pops up is holy. Well, i disagree.
Not all chaste people are virgins and not all virgins are chaste.

Let's be realistic here (that's all we are about) Some people carry the whole virginity thing partially. They don't do it completely-In that case, there is really no point for it. They have this kind of mindset "as long as I remain a virgin, I'm pure and every other sorts of intercourse is okay" This is what a direct lustful virgin would say. She'll go ahead and have anal sex and still work around with the tag on her head "Beware, Virgin passing by". They think God will now welcome them with the virgin alarm on judgement day.

Now in the same world, someone else have had sex countless number of times. This person was even a prostitute but suddenly decides to abstain from any sexual activity. (Saint Pelagia was a prostitute,  wasn't a virgin, repented and then became a saint). This set of people are the true kind of "pure" people because they live in their present and not their past-Thats what chastity is all about.

My point is simple, be a chaste virgin or a chaste non-virgin or a sexual active adult. Don't hide under the shadow of virginity when you are really not chaste.
It's just pathetic!

A repented prostitite is purer than a lustful virgin.

Agree or disagree?

Do have a lovely day.

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  1. why must we choose from extremes, I.e be a chaste virgin or a sexually active adult. I could be a sexually active virgin for all I care.


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