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Friday, 30 September 2016

The fastest way to remove pimples (acne)

I'm so sorry I didn't post for two days, was not really strong but I'm on a very safe road to recovery. (Thanks to everyone that noticed, meant that you do follow this blog. Was really encouraging)

This post was largely inspired by my uncle. He often talks about how to get rid of so many thing like black spots, black lips, stretch marks, pimples and other related stuff.

I decided to post this one cause my aunty tried it out and under three days ( I repeat-Three days) her pimples were in the Red Sea.
The beautiful thing about this method is that its natural with no side effect.

The procedures are as follows

  • Wash and steam up your face to open up pores
  • Dry your face with a very clean towel
  • Rub your face with vinegar(Apple Cidar Vinegar)
  • When dried, Apply to your face coconut oil or olive oil. 
  • Do this for three days and thank my uncle later. It really works.

Please don't be passive about this, and don't say you've tried so many things that don't work. This one is a guarantee and it works wonders.

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