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Monday, 19 September 2016

The sex toy

I promised to post the side chick part 2 today. So this is it(in form of the sex toy)

The side chick's experience is a terrible one. "Madam" lives in a continuous relationship where she is not cared for or wanted-except for sexual purposes. As a friend once put it, "she is a sex toy that is put aside after use". 

Ladies!!!! Raise up your hand! Lol
It is very essential to know the characteristics of a side chick so that you wouldn't fall a victim till you see Mr Boyfriend's wedding pictures (that means, you were not even invited for the wedding )

Guys, it is equally important for you to note these characteristics, so you wouldn't treat your main woman as such. As well as abstain from "side chicking"

The sex toy suffers these

Mr boyfriend is gone after sex. Immediately after he's done in bed, it's either she out out or he is out(more like service is over, you are free to go).most times, he reluctantly even accompany her to the door. He just rushes her to leave or make some silly excuse (about how Jesus is coming to take him to heaven and she is too dirty to go)

He doesn't need the sex toy after use.

"I don't like pictures"
She hears that anytime the camera is close. He doesn't wanna be caught in the same picture with her ( expect there are 50 other people in the picture ). He would never put her on his Display Picture or on any socio media except it's her birthday(still rare)

After all, who takes pictures with the sex toy??

She is never invited to friends and family gathering.
A Birthday? A wedding? A get-to-gether? She is never invited to such. As far as there are alot of people.....keep off!! The only social gathering they both go together is a night club.

No body takes the sex toy to family gathering

She is not allowed to visit without permission. He has no room for surprise visits. He hates it when ever she does it and they fight over it. 

The sex toy is only called upon when needed

Please take note!

I hope these were helpful o

Do have a beautiful day.

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