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Friday, 16 September 2016

The side chick (part one)

This particular side chick doesn't know she is one

The side chick thinks she's the main chick and even has twice as much ego. If only she knows that she's just a random option and not a priority. "Madam" side chick thinks she is wife material but fails to sense that she nor near wedding venue.
(Lol, don't mind the language o....had to emphasize).
Believe it or not, most girls go though this syndrome everyday and its really painful when they finally receive wisdom cause by then, their heart becomes broken glass; shattered on the ground.

Her Signs and symptoms 

Mr Boyfriend does not care what happens in her life, he pays no attention to her past, present or future. He forgets her birthday, her surname and other vital details about her. He doesn't ask about what happens to her and is often disconnected when she's the subject matter.

Madam side chick hears the news two weeks after it happens. In order words, any major thing that happens to "Mr boyfriend", She get the 4th hand information-if even at all. At times she might even get the information from the 'few' of his friends that she knows.

Mr Boyfriend is always bailing on her. They both plan to meet on a particular day and then he suddenly creates excuses. "Lol, that he's going to build MTN head office in south Africa or to make sure Adam and Eve avoid eating the forbidden apple"

His best line is "meet my friend". He will never ever introduces her as girlfriend. As though they both planned like Romeo and Juilet to be secret with the relationside

He's only attentive during sex. She becomes "madam" of the century when they are in bed. He's ready to promise heaven and earth as well as state that he will 'CHANGE'.

My dear sisters beware.

Do have a lovely day ahead.

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