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Saturday, 17 September 2016

This 419(scam) is the most strategic

(this happened to a friend of mine who wanted me to share)

"Facebook notification"
"Chris Obiora liked 58 of your pictures"
I was still trying to check him out when I saw a new message on my inbox.
"Hi, I'm Chris Obiora from delta state, i stay in the US and I really like your profile, can we be friends?"
I was perplexed at the way he threw him self at me so directly. But what's the harm?
I replied and we started to chat.

We became really close
We moved the chat from Facebook to Whatsapp.
I was free with him,
Told him about my pain and happiness,
He knew everything about me in just 2months.
I liked him and I was so glad I did.
We will chat into the night, talk about the unknown and I will keep "laughing out loud."
Cause he was so funny and charming.

On the 3rd month, he asked me out.
Confessed loved to me
"Ever since I met you, my sky has been blue"
"I can't wait to meet you and spend forever with you"
"I told mum about you and she fell in love with you, not like me though"
"Please start this journey with me, so we can do great things together"
Who was I to say No?
He was everything I wanted in a man
Offered to me on a platter of Gold.
I hurriedly typed "Yes" and felt privileged to start 'an amazing journey' with my Prince charming.

We got closer
Talked about our kids
What we would do to ourselves when we meet.
I sent my nude pictures to him
He said he craved after my body.
That I was all he ever dreamed of.
Those words pierced my soul like arrow.
For once I felt important and needed.
Found true love. (Not the kind of broke love that the Niger boys offer to give)
(With the cliche, "the future is bright")
I was in a hearts paradise cause I knew I fell in love with the right person.
I offered total trust and surrender.

Things started getting  in my life.
I need money for my school fees.
Being a part-time final year student didn't make it easier.
Needed a laptop for my project and money for project as well.
I told Prince charming and he was really hurt by it.
He told me not to worry
"I doesn't ever want to see you unhappy."
He said he'll send me 500k and a laptop through his cousin that was travelling the following week to Abuja.
Told me that his cousin will transfer the stuff to me in Lagos.

I had to be dreaming!
500k will turn my life around.
I was dancing, happy!
I didn't deserve such a wonderful person.
That night I sent him more nude pictures.
Even with my face on it.
He was so rare and he was mine. I anticipated the money and lappy like never before
Would have happily told my friends and family about it.
But he told me not to tell them, so it will be a surprise.

I nodded. Of course I wanted them suprised.
The following week, his cousin called from Abj.
Said he was about to send the goods down to Lagos
But he need 150k for "shipping".
I was heartbroken at first.
Didn't have such amount of money.
Chris called me and pleaded, that he didn't know that "shipping" fee was so expensive.
That I should borrow from any body and pay.
"After all, you'll be able to pay back once you recieve money"

I was so close to him that I completely lost my senses.
"Luckily" for me, my roommate father just sent her 200k for laptop.
I told her to give me 150k from it, that I'll pay back the next day.
She was so reluctant.
I told Chris about it and he called her himself.
Telling her he was my uncle and that he'll pay back the next day.
She felt safe and secure,  since he said he was my uncle.
She gave me the money and I hurriedly went to the bank to pay.
His cousin called that he just got the alert that I'll get the goods on my door step tomorrow.
Told me to just try to stay at home.

I was so happy, I kept thanking Chris through out that day.
He said I should stop thanking him, that he hasn't begun with me yet.
That when he's through with me, i wouldn't be able to walk straight cause I'll be intoxicated.
Again.....I "laughed out loud"
We said our "good nights"and slept.

The next morning my ba3 was low, so I didn't bother putting on my data.
I suspended every other activity that I had and waited all day for the goods.
I waited and waited and waited.
Nepa was not helping issues.
There was no power supply to
charge my phone.
I kept waiting....
When there was finally light.
I tried messaging Chris on whatsapp but he blocked me.
On Facebook, there was no history of him.
I tried calling, not reachable
I called his cousin,  not connecting.
It started to dawn on me
That I had just been duped.
And I had 150k in addition to my school fees and project work to pay.

Be warned!

Do have an amazing day ahead.

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