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Thursday, 8 September 2016

True Talk Thursday-Dear Young Lady, Know Your Worth!


It becomes more evident by the way you speak that you don't know your true worth

 How often do you need to be reminded that the world no longer celebrates women simply because they are voluptuous

 An impeccable figure won't solve half the problems your husband would face in marriage

 Perfectly designed and Completely round mammary glands won't help in nation building

 Neither would a protruding butt help advance the course of national development

 My fair young Lady... Learn to put more value in what's upstairs than what's *backstairs*

 The level of respect any man would accord you is vastly dependent on the level of intellectuality you've attained and not how quickly you make his coital organ respond to stimuli

 Let the world recognise you for the value you've added to it by the endless nights you stayed up to develop yourself which in the long run would invariably affect your society positively

 It's conventional knowledge that women are the back bone of society...If actually women are the backbone of society, judging from the lives portrayed by the young girls I see on Instagram then I wouldn't be too far from the truth if I said that there is a high possibility that our society would suffer from osteoporosis in no distant time

 Every man loves a self sufficient young lady,one who doesn't yell gender equality in public meanwhile is completely self dependent on her husband for all of her allowances in don't get me wrong,there's nothing wrong in a  man taking good care of his wife ...but there's absolutely everything wrong when the husband like air,becomes the breath to her finances

 Now I may not be a feminist (at least not a full blown one) but I am of the sincere opinion that all women have an integral role to play in society other than the lead roles they assume in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

 Young lady never limit yourself...there are endless possibilities waiting to be achieved by you once you put your mind to it...the only debacle between you and and your goals is yourself and  nothing more

 Nothing can stop a man that has completely made up his mind to do something

 The world is waiting to celebrate any woman as much as it is any long as you prove your worth and as long as you're ready to make your mark.

*Ponder upon this words*

Cyril Iyanu
🏼 #prisonerofthepen

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