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Monday, 26 September 2016

Why Run to The Monsters You Ought to Run Away From.

This is a very unique sponsored post by  Kennedy Igwe

There is no gainsaying that; where we are today as a nation has been because of the way some packs of monsters have treated us and still treating us.
It appears just that moment when they smell the sweet savor of our short-lived autonomy or liberty to make a choice, that crossroad, that could get us out of Egypt to the promise land, they suddenly come out of their hidings only to speak falsely about how they have been the Moses all along and how they have gotten the true message from the Most High maybe Jah Rastafari to drive us safe into that land of promise. They even go ahead to tell us deceptively how willing they are to get us there even if it means them just like Moses, seeing but not crossing. How preposterous you would say.

The Edo state election is nigh, and now I see pictures, portrait of most of these same monsters all over the terrain of the state. If only their deeds in recent past could be as apparent and as crystal clear as these pictures then we will gleefully roll the carpet on the rocky floor as an expression of gratitude. Unfortunately, what I see and many of my kinds, who watch with an eagle eye, are they speaking elaborately the message of hope in a mask. And the conclusion is that I, as a concerned and patriotic Nigerian will not like to see the proverbial thunder strike twice on the same spot, certainly not in this enlightenment era.

My dismay really isn't about their obvious way of deception but how gullible we are; the electorate and how docile we have been and still willing to. We cry everyday, we recount our ordeals prior to this moment, yet it beats my imagination that when given the chance to turn the table around, we compromise. We resolve to run to the monsters we should run from. We prefer to act like Esau desiring the material splendor of Jacob and accepting an exchange for our birthright. What follows this is that wide vicious cycle devoid of its remedy. Posterity will not smile on us if these thrive in our dying nation.

Let us give answers without prejudice to these questions. First, why do these monsters allow their children not to remain in their ecological zone but fly into other habitats, find comfort and leave their parents back home to strive for their reign while the spoils of the victory, instead of going to those who join their parents to achieve such end, are flown to alien domains so that after serving themselves in their abode, they retire to enjoy what we labored for?  ‘Hmm...Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop.'

Secondly, why don't these pack of monsters distribute guns and its equivalents to their children and wives and by extension, close relatives to perpetuate violence during the election, rather the hapless ones in the society, the, perhaps ill-educated or less who do not know his left or right, just for their own greed? They easily propagate thuggery in order to secure a legitimate seat for nothing but a fat slice of the national cake.

Thirdly, this money they share to us before and during the polls, where is their source? How do they get a refund, if borrowed? If not, perhaps through hard work, can one with all sanity throw out such hard earned resources? Why do these monies get to us only when they desire our vote? How petty their magnanimity.

 Fourthly, why do they bicker over such an envious position? Why do they tell us stories they are clueless about, only to get to the promise land and discover indeed the land was devoid of milk and honey as promised and foretold?. How amusing.

The questions are manifold. It is for us to answer in our heart. We may not be able to rewrite the past event but, preventing a reoccurrence isn't out of place. Let us employ wisdom in the polls. I personally will advise not to reject their gestures but note that they won't hurt you for taking your stand on the right path. They won't hurt you for breaching any contract with them. It's our future. We are the designers, am not talking about panda, let’s not run to them as if they are our saviour, rather we ought to run from them, and when they run to us, we remind them of their flaws and the consequences to our dear nation.

The last thing we want to see onwards is misfit. We may be helpless in dethroning mediocrity but still, we can prevent another from gaining entry. Let's not allow old wines in new bottle. If we do, then our journey towards prosperity may just be a wild-goose chase.

Once again, I am Kennedy Igwe…and am simply baring my mind on SHINE YOUR EYES NAIJA, while I sit on the imaginary fence, definitely will be watching with an eagle eye.


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