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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Why he stopped loving you-True Talk Thursday

This article is not marriage based.

They say "True Love Never Dies" but let's be sincere with our selves, it does fade away. If there was a love meter you'll agree with me on that note.

This time around, I'm pointing this article to the ladies for some special reasons.

You will agree with me that at a point, It was really cool. He showered you with so much love that your head was continuously swollen. Gradually, it started to decline, there was reduced attention, care and interest. Now when you look at his eyes all you see are eye balls, no longer the affection you use to see

I'll state 4 reasons on this articles, will complete it (with possible solutions) in the next edition.

  • He wants to miss you, allow him at times.

You have to understand that you are not his wife until you become one. Give the dude some breathing space.  Love is not a mosquito that clings and sucks blood. Rather, it's free and accommodating. So allow him miss you, anticipate you, long for you. Allow him think about you and need your presence around. He values you more when you be like Nigeria fuel. Be scares at times.

  • You are the sister of bad news and arguement

You complain about everything and you feel you are always right. Guys like to feel like "information givers". Don't deprive him of that. Don't make him feel stupid cause there are alot of girls out there that are seeking attention and "information".
Try to not nag his poor life, Its a turn off.

  • You are not compatible

Some people are compatible, others are not. It could be that your level of reasoning is totally different from his. So he struggles to talk to you at every conversation.

  • There is a new interesting girl

You become boring and stale while he makes friends with a vibrant and fun girl. This could be the major reason cause he has successfully replaced you with a girl that he could be himself with.

I hope this article was tangible

Do have a lovely day ahead.

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