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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Why You Should DO it Now.

That moment when you start something new and your whole body is in  for it. You make plans and it feels as though you are gonna conquer the world, then comes that second moment when you begin to lose interest continuously. You begin to get distracted by other things and in no time, you've jumped to another thing.

Well, that makes two of us! Most people would say I know how to do so many things and they like me for it-but I think so otherwise. I feel I can so many things because i'm hardly consistent in any.I keep jumping from one thing to another without completing any. The feeling most times is not fulfilling because you find out that you've really not achieved anything.(more like a jack of all trade, master of none)-thank God for the lessons that mama taught me-that's what i'm about to share with you.

I was having a convo with a friend last week and I told him that 'consistency is everything' whether in a job, talent, book work, spiritual walk, relationship, health, finance, it! if we can all keep to being consistent, we would definitely achieve our dreams-sooner than we expect.

I'm basically gonna talk about the first most important thing in being consistent and in subsequent times i will discuss others. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Procrastinating is the mother and father of failure. if you keeping putting every thing for 'later', then later would look so bulky that you'll just embarrassingly give up. it is much better to do what you have to do now so that you can enjoy later.
i really don't know how to emphasize this but its really important, always push yourself, always remember that if you do it now, its done and you wouldn't have have it in mind any longer

so make a decision to wake up early, read that book, get your spouse that nice gift that you have in mind, start that project, bring your thoughts into reality.......just do it now.

I hope this was helpful
Have a lovely day.

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  1. wow...thank you so much Erica, this is so helpful. i always procrastinate everything. would work on it so i can enjoy later.


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