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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Why you shouldn't be DATING

Call a spade a spade and not a garden fork
I disagree!
Who knows, I could transform the cold metal spade into a garden fork.
So I would not limit its potentials by caging it inside a name.
We really don't have to call it a name.

No ring, no name 

It's really not important 
It's not a position but rather a restriction
A restriction of the mind and of our actions
We all want to be "The One" that the whole world recognises as the "special one"(Double classified)
The boyfriend or The girlfriend.
Our discussions always end in nomenclature 
We often ask "what are we"?
We fail to understand that the precious "we" ends at the sound of "it is over"
So what's the point?
We really don't need to call it a name.

Let's go on dates; Let's take pictures.
Let's chat till night; Let's meet more friends
Let's know ourselves; Let's hold our hands
Let's play by the beach, Let's keep our secrets
Say no word to papa , Say no word to mama
Ignore the questions "are you dating"
Be by each other and fall in love each day
For real, what's the difference??
We really don't have to call it a name.

Let's go nights out, let's eat pizza
Let's make a play list and play our favourite songs
Let's watch sunsets and moonlight
Let's go shopping and take flights
Let's tackle and solves life's riddles
Let's be there to always support eachother
I still cant see a difference
So we really don't have to call it a name.

It is almost impossible this way-
To lose touch and fall out of love.
Cause the anticipation never gets boring as you have nothing to hold as stake.
You keep missing and wanting and needing 
Till the day he's ready to go on his kneels, pull out the ring, get a yes and get a name.
But for now, we really don't have to call it a name
"What-are-we" is overrated

Agree or disagree??

Do have a lovely day


  1. If you wrote and composed this yourself then am impressed. #deepThoughts

  2. I think the key is knowing what you want and knowing your worth, when you do you will never be afraid..Many girls are loosing I because of fear...


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