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Friday, 30 September 2016

You were raped in his bedroom-He whispered "Face the wall"

You usually don't visit guys.
You do this to avoid story that touches.
But this one was just so cajoling.
His words "we will just talk about ourselves"
You knew things will turn out differently,
But you were an "entrepreneur"
And was ready to take the risk.

Getting to his house
You both had beautiful conversations
About the country, food, religion, personal secrets, love and all that.
Oh! You thought to yourself.
"What a rare handsome gem"
So you felt comfortable and sat on the bed
"He wasn't capable of any act. He was numb in that aspect."
And your short bullet skirt that revealed your soft skin wouldn't make any difference. 
So you allowed yourself think

He drew closer and held you,
You felt vibrations all over your body;
The Nokia 3310 kinda vibration.
Still you smiled and said within yourself 'He's not gonno go beyond holding me"
He started talking about how much you meant to him and how he wanted to take things to the next level.
Your eyes became like rainbow and your brain only saw a love story with a Cinderella Happy Ending.
He didn't say he loved you but in your head, you concluded.
This was true love-Had to be true. It felt so true and you dived into your handsome gem.

He moved even closer and kissed you,
Brain Alert!!!
Stop this and get out of here.
But you ignored your mind
You were swimming in the palace of his gentle touches and would stop at nothing till you feel satisfied with his handsome love.
Time didn't stop counting, He had the first round with you And you were screaming "Somebody help, I don't want this" but only in the fore corners of your brains, you could hardly even hear yourself.
Then he said so softly "Face The Wall, let's go through from there."
You were so obedient, you don't obey your parents on a normal day. 
But today,  you just had to obey every ounce of your Handsome gem.

You got home that day feeling so shambled. 
You didn't expect all these to happen
"He took advantage of me"
"In fact this was broad day light rape"
"Was against my will"
"He used me"
"I really didn't wanna have sex"
"Let's blame it on the alcohol...."
(The alcohol you drank in the spirit world)
There was only one person to complain to that wouldn't scold you-That was the wall
So you faced the wall again and cried so bitterly.

The reason for this post is to correct something. I've heard such stories over and over and over again but the truth is nobody used anybody in such a scenero.
You were not mad or underage. You used your two legs to enter the bed room, he kissed you and you liked it. He entered not by force o, you allowed. Just as he was pleasured, you also were.
If you truly wanna avoid "story that touches", it's either you don't go to his house or you go there and stand your ground....simple!

You sit lonely with a guy in a cool, conducive environment. He likes you and you expect him to just be thinking and talking about Buhari. It's actually not easy for guys, irrespective of the kinda man he is. 
You really gotta face the wall in your quiet time and understand this

So be calculating and know exactly what you want before you leave your house. The way he sees you determines what goes through his mind and the actions he's likely to take. To avoid story that touch only the wall, consider these options

First, dress well. I really can't emphasize how important this is. You might see it as old fashioned but the truth is that a opened door is easier to enter than a close one. Wearing a skinny jean over a short bullet skirt would create more good than evil. The eye is a door to the mind, you don't expect him to look and a very inviting skin and hold his tongue....Don't be your own temptation

Secondly, What you talk about is very important. Take about innovative things, get to know vague things about him apart from relationships and love talk. If you wanna hear sweet talk, hear it on the phone or outdoor. Not alone in his bedroom cause that's when it will go beyond your brain to your tips.

Decide the kinda stuff you wanna spend time doing. If you are seeing a movie together, see an action movie not a romantic one. If you are playing games, avoid rolling the bottle and daring yourselves to offer pleasure. If you are cooking, who is cooking and what is cooking.

The General sense about these options are to tell him (though indirectly) that you are not naive and vulnerable. To make him know that you know exactly what you want and its definately not facing the wall this time around

I hope this was helpful
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