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Saturday, 15 October 2016

"I am a runs babe and i want a God fearing man"

She clubs like 3 times a week
Even when the club is closed in the afternoon, she'll be outside waiting.

She barely goes to church;
At first once in a week, then once in a month and finally once a year on new year's eve.
She doesn't give a forge about anything and she's comfortable that way.

She smokes hot weed
(As though there is cold one)
She has aborted like 5 pregnancies and no longer aborts cause she never misses out on protection.
She's a diva.
Guys like her because she's a cheerful giver,
A spontaneous receiver,
And she doesn't feel a single ounce of wrong about her character.

On her husband specs she's always including;
'GOD FEARING MAN' or nothing else.
On her IG, FB, and Twitter account;
She writes with Confidence that she would only marry a Godfearing man when she is not even 'God-nearing'.

I'm a total supporter of Godfearing men but some babes fail to understand that a 'Godfearing man' is a man that respects, fears and keeps the commandments of God just like Moses or Paul or any other martyr in the bible. To a very large extent, she shouldn't expect such a Godfearing man to locate her at all, I mean where is he gonno find her? In the club or in the church that you rarely attend? Or is God gonno minister to him to go to the club and find his missing rib?? Well, I don't think so and so do you.

I'd appreciate if she lets us know her other husband specs(which is in turn overrated) and subtract the Godfearing from it cause it sounds like mockery when she doesn't even understand who God is and the characteristics of those that fear him. She should include in her specs the kind of character she can condole and remain bad like that.

Agree or disagree??



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