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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Breakup is not the solution to everything

"Is you that like break up pass"

He slept with your best friend and you wanna break up.

She is not understanding and you want to break up.

Oh no.... She's not your type but you asked her out in the first place.

He's not a money making machine.

You feel he doesn't love you.

You know she's a flirt.

She's not respectful.

He doesn't go on shopping with you.

She doesn't want sex.

And so on and so off

The first thing that jumps into your mind is to break up right?
Well I think that's wrong, that will make you old in your parents house till you understand that everyone is not perfect including yourself.

A friend would always tell me "Break up is not the solution to everything"
I actually didnt understand that.
I thought if he cheated on me or treated me wrongly, i should scream its over till my throat falls off.
But then I realized that, if A cheats on you and you jump to B, B might cheat on you and you'll jump to C and eventually you'll get to Z (and next letter to run to)
Or better still, what if you were married and your husband/wife cheated on you or behaved badly...Will the first option be divorce?? (I don't think so)

So, the first step is not breakup. Break up is meant to be the last option except you really didn't have a reason to date in the first place. In case you actually don't have a reason for dating, please see here for seven questions to ask yourself before jumping into

You should scout for what you really need in spouse before you dive into a relationship, a relationship is not a swimming pool where you dive in and out. It's a place to grow and understand yourselves. Set a standard for yourself before dating.(This is the most important) Know the kind of person you can roll with and the quality he/she should possess....Don't just date any random person.

Put yourself in your spouse's shoe and see things the way he/she sees it. Understand the reason for such attitude.

Talk about it. Talk about how to change such attitude, what to do, and how to come to a compromise.

I've seen such cases over time and it worked out 60% of the time, try to be among the 60% that didn't run to call it quit and be on the safest road to enjoying a long and lasting relationship. If not.....You will old sha


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