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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dress With Sense:Fashion Sense

Some people fail to understand what Fashion truly means. They think being fashionable is to dress wild and crazy and by so doing they turn out looking like masquerades. They forget their fashion sense in the wardrobe and just come out like that.

These are important tips you should always keep at the back of your mind when you are on the journey to slay.

Quality Over Quantity. Most people like number, you'd see them packing so many stuff on themselves. They always want to use all know assessories to compliment what they are wearing. It make them look too busy and therefore spoil their appearance. Keep in mind that in being Fashionable, Quality comes first. Just one good colour, clothe or accessory could keep you on the top of your slay.

Be clean. I don't know how well to say this but it is so important. I  come across some certain kind of people who slay dirty. The clothes they wear are either rumpled, faded or dirty. That's not really a good mark. Try to keep your clothes in good condition because the neutral man judges you by your appearance before any other thing.

Express before impress. Express yourself before you impress others. Be original with what you wear, be you. If you are trying to follow trend, follow it in your own unique comfortable way, not photocopying.

How will I say this now!
Please be careful on colours, don't just carry clothes with different colours and wear. If you don't understand colours, try more of neutral colours and less of strong colours. (Wear at most just 2 colours). We really don't want you looking like you don't know what you are doing.

Hope this was helpful....#muah


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