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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

He Penetrated Her

They both entered the room drunk to stupor, 
his hands were wrapped around her waist from behind as they sat on the couch...
NEPA was generous that night as the blue light of his blue bulb filled the room with blue romantic radiations.

He wasn't thinking straight but all he could imagine was filling her with the magnitude of himself.
In his drunk mind, he didn't want to be too forward so he started by playing with her fingers.
She giggled and he marvelled!
Her giggling was certainly an invitation to eat free 'jollof rice'.
So... He embraced the ideas of his thought;
he kissed her hands up to her cheek and then her lips.
After touching all the necessary 'touchables' with his hands and lips, he transferred her to the bed.
He was very gentle in penetrating in between her thighs.
The rounds ended, the night slept, the morning woke up, the hangovers expired and he drove her off to her apartment.

They tried to recall each other's names.
He insisted on seeing her again but she was really indifferent about the idea.
It was her first time in the club and her first night stand, she was not totally sure she liked the experience.
Just before he could ask for her number, *zoom!!* she hurried off the car and waved from afar.

"You are two months gone" said the doctor,
as he handed over the test result to her.
Most women hear this and are filled with excitement but not her and definitely not at this point.
She was carrying a foetus who was a product of that 'one night stand'.
She hadn't had s*x since the blue lighted experience.
(That was all she could remember about him)
And yes.....they were too drunk to remember protecting themselves, or no!!!! Protecting her from the burden of making this terrifying decision - 
Abort or Parent!

She couldn't even trace his house cause she didn't pay attention to the roads.
This had to be a dream!
How could she have been so stupid?
She wouldn't have gone to the club that night if not for her friends that dragged her; now she's the only one carrying this pregnancy. 
She rained her thoughts with waters of regrets and "had I knows".
She couldn't change the situation at hand, but only had a decision to make. 
A decision for the living blood growing inside of her; She had to choose for this child, death or Life!

Her parents!
They didn't send her to school to club,
but to face her studies and become better
What would they think of her?
How would they take this shame?
She obviously would lie to the; 
tell them she was raped on her way back from night class.
That way she wouldn't be blamed by the world wide web.
She could still save herself the stress of explaining anything to them by terminating the child.
But, what if she was terminated as a baby, there would have been no history of her existence today. Or what if Albert Einstein was killed in the womb, who would have made his discoveries
Oh no....She was going mad!
And her thoughts were getting out of hands.

She couldn't even recall the face of the suspect to which she was a victim of circumstance.
He most likely wouldn't remember hers.
She doesn't even have his number 
This child, if alive would grow without a father, and would barely enjoy the benefits of life. 
She's still cared for by her would she care for and grow this child.
She couldn't do it
It was too big a risk to take.
It's better to eliminate the pain in advance and continue with her own life. 
That was safer.....She thought to herself.

After so many personal reasoning and evaluations,
She took the pills and flushed out the clotted blood!
A mixture of guilt and relief filled her heart as she took a deep breath.
She was never gonna have unprotected sex again
Never ever!!
And above all she's gonna give birth to a child that would enjoy the proper rites of living with a father.

"I'm sorry to say but you can't make babies as your womb is gone" said another doctor;
as he handed over the scan result to her and her husband.
Most women hear this and burst into tears but definitely not her.
For she was too numb to create a tear.
She knew she was her own Karma...

I'm not gonna point out any lessons,  Will leave you to do that.



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