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Saturday, 1 October 2016

He took me out but didn't pay for my bills

Today being independence day, i'm gonna share one of the most terrible and embarrassing experience I've ever had. It occured some few years back on independence day, October 1st. I used to hear it as stories and watch it in comedy videos till it happened to me, i was left dumb founded for days.

Back in 100 level, there was this classmate of mine that regularly took me to the canteen. Most times he paid for both of us, other times I pay for my self but he'll never ever allow me pay his bills. Of course I was happy (I have caught lunch supplier). It became more regular and I was adding weight... (winks)

On that special independence day, I was chilling with a friend (another class mate of mine) when we saw him in a cab. Trust Naija babes on independence day-We started to hail the dude o. We asked him where he was headed and he said he was gonno get something to eat. As usual, I asked if "we" could tag along and I remembered him saying Yes o.

So we carried ourselves and joined the ride. This time he took us outside school (Of course you know it's more expensive). Me and the babe were just feeling ourselves, admiring all the green white green we could set our eyes on. 

He asked us what we wanted and we ordered, at least to a large extent we were modest with what we asked for. We three had a really wonderful conversation. I couldn't stop laughing at the funny jokes that were flying around the table. 

Sooner than I expected, He stood up and said he was going. We told him to wait for us till we finish the food,  then we'll all leave together but he insisted on going and said that he wasn't even going to school. He called the waiter and paid for only himself.

You know that awkward moment when you can't just say "You didn't pay for us?"

 Well, i do!

Both our faces carried question marks but he didn't even bother about what our faces looked like. He just bidded us goodbye and left.

There was not enough money on me or on my friend, I wasn't with my ATM card. I just sat down numb, felt naked and really embarrassed. We had to call a friend to come bail us from the prision of our own 'long independent throat' after racking our brain so much on how to get the money. That day I got home so exhausted, as thought I went for weight lifting. Actually I did, weight lifting of the mind.

When he was asked the reason for such action...
His excuse: He didn't have enough money for two, didn't wanna refuse us from coming and He knew we were independent ladies and could take care of ourselves

Please o, was his excuse tangible enough??


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