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Friday, 21 October 2016

Homemade: The cheapest and easy way to get your coconut oil

You will agree with me that coconut oil is very healthy for cooking, for your skin and for hair growth. You will also agree with me that the
price is as high af and even at such a high cost, it is difficult to find it in the market. Most times you'll have to order from the manufacturers. An unfortunate day that I dared to price it, the lady told me a very tiny bottle would cost N2000 so I wisely resulted to groundout oil.

Being a member of #team_get_it_done_the_cheap_way, I feel it is really necessary to spill out the fact that you can save money and get the oil you want by yourself (Eat your cake and have it). You could even venture into the buisness and be among the entrepreneurs (those people who make money with our money). 

So here are the easy steps.
Buy the coconut
Go ahead and purchase the coconut, get healthy ones and try to get as much as you can (coconut is not expensive). In this trial case, you can get 3 or 4.

Break it open. Open the coconut with a knife or stone. Be careful so you wouldn't cut yourself and if you actually can't open it, get someone to help you with it. You could drink the water inside (It wouldn't make you dull)

Remove the meat from the shell. Remove the white coconut meat from the brown shell with a knife or with that coconut peel thing. (You know what I mean if you are the ajebo type). You can slide your knife in between the meat and the shell and 'pop' pieces off, rather than slip, and cut your hand. 

Cut the coconut meat into small bits. You can now cut the coconut meat into small bits and throw away the shell. If you don't have a blender, you don't have to cut into bits, you can just grate the coconut with a grater.

Blend the coconut bits if you have a blender. Pour into the blender and blend the coconut till all the bits are broke down. You can add water to blend if it's hard to blend.

Filter the coconut milk. Place the coconut milk over a coffee filter or that round netlike amala filter. You can even use a cloth, just anything with tiny net _like holes. Press the filter as much as you can, till all the water comes out (we really don't wanna waste anything). You can throw away the shaft after seiving.

Leave the milk to settle. Leave the sieved coconut milk to settle down for about 24 hours so that the oil will go to the bottom of whatever bowl or jar you are using. (It is advisable to use a transparent jar so you can see the two separate layers). If you like, after it has settled, you can place it in the refrigerator so the upper part becomes solidified, making it easy for you to separate from the oil. (However, some people tend to boil the sieved coconut milk in order to separate it from the oil but that method can waste gas/kero for Africa cause it will take several hours.)

Separate the sheep from the goat using a spoon to scoop out the upper part and.......VOILA!!!!! You have your pure and healthy coconut oil beneath. If they ask you, tell them you bought it for a million dollars *winks

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