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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How he almost raped me

They say if a friend wants to kill you, he does it faster than an enemy. Well, that's an undiluted truth. I learnt that lesson the hard way and I would want you to also learn from my experience.

I was in school that evening when this 41 years old family member of mine
called me up. He was running a master's degree in my school and wanted to catch up with his "smallie". I was really bored in my hostel and was so happy to go out and see this uncle.

He came to pick me from my hostel and we exchanged pleasantries. He asked if I was hungry and I embraced the invitation (noticed over time that my stomach is always putting me in trouble). We went to the school's canteen but there was really no good food so he suggested we go out of school. I actually wouldn't go out of school by 7:30pm with just any body but because he was an elderly family friend, I sailed along in his Toyota Corolla.

We got to a nearby restaurant and he said he didn't like their food, that the last time he went there the food was stale. He also suggested we move further from school and head close to his house that they sell good food in his area. Blinded by his devilish plans, I still tagged along. I only just called my bestie and told him that I was out of school and might not come back on time.

Surprising, he stopped at a bar. (Ah! I said I needed food and he was ordering pepper soup). That was my first obvious discomfort. He started drinking Vodka and asked me to join. Being a teetoteler I refused and went for malt. He started talking about how he has always liked me, how he wants to marry me, how he wants to date me...."Story that touch". I simply told him that I've had enough "food" and would like to return to school.

He bounced up and went towards his car, he started the car and said he wanted to pick up something from his house that he might sleep out. We went to his house and this man started touching me o. Taking off my clothes so roughly, all his weight was on me. I was screaming but no body was even around.

Chai, that night was so scary....instantly, i didn't know what came over me but I started acting asthmatic(Tip to any girl that might face such a scenero).... He became scared and he dragged me to the car, i told him that 'my asthma was very chronic' and only oxygen would make me feel better. So he drove me to my school's health centre, I opened the door and ran the run of life to meet my bestie who was already waiting for me there.

What happened to him?
Lol, well I didn't spill at home. I just chilled about everything cause I didn't feel like embarrassing the guy but I want to blackmail him soon-What do you think? 


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