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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How I'm surviving in this "buhari's recession regime"

If only I knew that the recession has gone deeper than price tags,  I wouldn't have dared myself yesterday.

My best friends helped me pick out the perfect kimono to sew for my course advisers wedding coming up this saturday. It was an epic style and i couldn't wait to run to my tailor to sew the 2 yards for 500 naira ankara that a course mate of mine sold for us.

My friends planned that I'd wear it with a black high waist jean, a black crop top and my one nation brown boot heel. At least I had the brown boot heel but didn't have the black jean and crop top. The black high waist jean I bought in August (this year) was stolen on the rope (life in the hostel) after I had just worn it twice.

So the big problem was that I didn't have the right slay equipment and i needed to get them. I set out to the market to buy a jean for 2ķ (regular price I used to buy before) and a crop top for 1500. After scoping so many shops I didn't find exactly the same jean I bought before. Either it was too long or too short, too tight or too loose. Then I realized that this buhari's recession period had gone beyond price tags and is now affecting our choices. I however settled for a random one.

Suprisingly, after deciding to manage the random jean, the lady selling the jean told me it was N3500, and she strongly insisted on it. She was telling me how dollar and fuel has gone up as if i didnt know. I tried other shops and it was the same thing on the price tag. Ah! Me-I wasn't ready to spend N3500 on a jean. I mean, the recession was affecting me too (not just them)

I went on to scope for the crop top and the lowest price I got was N2000. I particularly don't like to spend overboard my budget and i swear, in this case N2000 extra was overboard (nor be my fault o, na buhari cause it)

So I jejely moved over to the other part of the market where they sell sample materials, i bought a yard for 600bucks and pushed it over to my tailor who would make two crop tops out of it for 600naira( Her work is cheap like that, and she's good). 

I would end up wearing my normal blue high waist jean and the black crop top for 1200N instead (plus as extra crop top). Lol, (Thats how to survive in this period o)
Would try and post photos of the look at the wedding on saturday.

The market these days is just so scary. Rice, beans, transport, hair do, runs babe, side chick....all are just so expensive. One has to imbibe the "Igbo man" characteristics to survive in this country.



  1. Lol... Can't wait to see you on Saturday...

    1. Lol, awwwww I'm feeling Like one better person. Thanks

  2. Lol... Can't wait to see you on Saturday...

  3. I always prefer to buy materials and hand them over to my friend (the tailor) to sew something for me...
    Rarely do I ever go to a boutique to shop for clothes...

    1. Chai....I wish I had That sense earlier, would have saved my self the stress. Lol, thank God for experience


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