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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How she would have hammer with NAIRABET

For football she had a thing,
She'd anticipate and follow all the leagues;
With her girls, she can't hold a conversation,
But she can take arsenal to real madrid with her football 'guys'.
A lot of times when she'd predicts games

They'd always turn out just as she had said;
She'd often smile to herself and say "I always see them coming"

Beautiful miss football lover;
After so many persuasion from her guys,
Decided to turn her passion into profit.
Being an Igbo babe that likes quick big money,
She ventured into Nairabet.

In her very first attempt she got 20k with a Thousand bucks
So much for Nairabet!
As the joy was still flowing in her veins
She made another bet with 10k and won 250k

Her heart was filled with jubilee as she ran to my house.
She expressed her story to me in the most beautiful words.
I felt really happy for her-it was such a nice and easy way to make money
To be honest, I wanted in but since I didn't know anything about football I just closed my mouth.

I stressed the fact that 250k was enough to have from 10k.
I told her to abstain from nairabet cause it might turn into an obsession
Prolly I sounded like the "badbelle" of her success
So I used my small sense to advise her the little way I could.

Bit by bit she used up 150k from the money she had won to make other bets.
All were lost as she didn't win anything
She "invested" the remaining 100k in clothes, bag and shoes (Although I told her to put it in MMM, she refused)

She felt really bad about her losses.
Most people encouraged her that the bigger the money, the better the chances
They said if she had put the whole 100k at once, she would have gotten something really big instead of putting it bit by bit.
She really wanted to hammer over night,
So she made another bet, this time with the 200k that her dad gave her to pay for her and her sister's school and accommodation fee (Uniben to be precise)
She had the full hope that she'd win and recover all her previous losses so she confidently carried on.

Well, two days ago she came to my house
She was wailing and almost running mad (no jokes)
Talking to herself continuously.
The question she kept on asking me that I still haven't gotten an answer to is "Who sent me to this grave?"
She really doesn't know what to tell her dad.
I think her dad wouldn't even believe the truth.

I really I'm not scared of what her dad would do.
I mean, he wouldn't kill her or skin her like a christmas goat.
I'm scared of her obsession, of how she'll want to still regain those losses by going back.
That would even lead to further destruction.

Nairabet and other form of sport betting might really not be all that bad but they are too risky. As much as I like money, I'd rather invest in something i can control, something that will accept my interference. 

If you wanna play Nairabet, (male or female). Please use small money, the kind of money that if missing wouldn't hurt you or use your own big money so you can bear the loss alone. Avoid using someone else's money cause the heart attack alone could kill you.

After so many evaluations, i need someone that can help me open a website like nairabet. That's big money you know-plus the money I'll  be making from ads. Lol

Who's with me??


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