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Monday, 3 October 2016

How to Get Noticed in a Naija Class

You are a Naija Student and it seems as though you class mates don't even know you. They often ask "what class are you in?"

You feel like jumping off the cliff after trying different ways to get noticed?

Well, try any of these options and thank me later

  • Be the over sabi student that asks the lectural questions of life. You will not only get noticed by your course mates but by your HOD.

  • Be the student that has a thing for cleaning board. Even when the board is clean, goan clean it again. This will catapult your popularity. 

  • You are a guy? Then dress homosexual but be careful not to end up getting your second degree after 14 years.

  • Be the class runs babe. Sleep with half the guys in your class in two weeks. Even your Dean will notice you as a star and you will even become "Miss-which ever school you are in"

  • Be the babe with the gutter fashion sense. All the other babes will gossip about you and BOOM!!! You are automatically noticed

  • All you have to do is put on this outfit (especially the shoe). I swear, the full school and school's beyond will paste your face on Twitter.

  • Smoke weed till your body start screaming "clear road, weed is passing" This will earn you respect by your Vice Chancellor 

Believe me, any of this option would make you BLOW!!!

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LOL, Have a beautiful day.

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