Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to keep your smartphone running like a new one

We all know that feeling where you get a smartphone and within some months it starts misbehaving by slowing down or hanging. Most times as a result of overloading, overheating or any other thing that belongs to the "over" family. However, there are simple maintainces that you could practice in order for your smartphone to run fast at all times

Uninstall unused apps. If you are like me, your phone will be as slow af. I can gather app for africa--most times I'd even have more than one of the same app type. For example, I'd have Xender and Flashshare, Perfect Makeup and Makeup Perfect, Regrann and Repost app and so on and so fifth.
So endeavour to uninstall multiple type of the same app, the apps your really don't use and  the apps you dont need.

Reduce your homescreen's content. Most times, you may wanna put a lot of apps on your homescreen so it will be easy for you to access them but this adds to reducing your phone's speed. What you need to do is to clear up your home screen and only put relevant apps there. It even gives your phone a better appearance. 

Cut down on background task
In both Android and iOS, you can take a few steps to make sure that the apps you decide to keep aren’t negatively impacting the performance of your phone. On Android, consider reducing the frequency with which apps like your favorite mail app, or social media apps like Facebook, connect to your account and load new updates. In iOS, be mindful of which apps have Background App Refresh enabled, and consider reducing that number to decrease the resources being used in the background. Additionally, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them.Cheat Sheet

If your phone is slow to move from one task to another, consider turning off some of the animations that appear throughout the operating system. On Android, you’ll need to enable developer options via the Settings app, and then reduce or turn off some of the animations. If you’re using a live wallpaper, consider replacing it with a static image. On iOS, forgo the live wallpaper for a static image, and turn off parallax and app zooms by opening the Settings app and navigating to the Accessibility section--cheat sheet

Clean up your storage. Ensure you clean up your storage. Clean out the same picture that you captured 30 times, downloaded files that are just there and Cache files in Android. You can download CLEANMASTER to clean up yout fils--For Android users (ever since I downloaded it, my phone has been heaven living) or SAFARI--For iOS users

NOTE: This will not work if you don't practice them.


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