Thursday, 13 October 2016

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

You are dating this guy and you really wanna break up?
You don't wanna do it yourself and you feel its better if he sees enough reason to call it quit? 

Well, here's the perfect way to lose a guy in 10 days. ( I'm sure you must have seen the movie)
Note: This will not work for a lover boy. 

Talk about marriage like crazy. Push all your discussions to how you envision him as your husband. Start planning the wedding, what he would wear, what your mum would wear, the food....everything. (more effective: present him a wish list)

Sleep over for a week and strictly insist on no sex, no make out and no kisses. Be all sexy but when he comes close, start preaching the no sex sermon.

Insist on meeting his mother, your mother in law. Tell him that you want to meet his mother and get to know her. Like plan how the wedding is gonno be like with her, help her cook, wash plate, take her out....just basically twin with her.

Hug and kiss him in the presence of his cute female friends. Keep using the 'boyfriend' word in their presence. Hug and French kiss him whenever he's with them.

Call him 21 times a day. If you don't have credit, flash him continuously, if you don't have enough airtime to flash, borrow from MTN it's *606#. You can Google the other networks borrowing methods.

Continually talk about getting an iPhone7, Louis Vutton Umbrella, Rihannas Dior Sunglasses, Kim Kardashian's used panties and any other crazy thing you can think of. Tell him how Tonto Dike already has them and how she is your age mate.

Nag for Africa. Nag about everything including anything. Nag that he's too hard-working, he's too friendly, he doesn't..., he does.....Just keep nagging.

See him outside with any girl, run and start insulting her. Hold his shirt and be like "you wee kill me today o" hmmmm, This one would drive your future boyfriends to Malaysia. 

In Ten days, you'll run to my house with thanksgiving offerings cause these steps would work wonders.

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Looooooooolllll..... That's just terrible. Hope You ladies know that you could just tell the poor guy that u r not really interested, instead of putting him through such torture. Lol.

Lol.... I'll add that to the list

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