Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mascara almost killed me

Hmmm, mascara almost killed me yesterday and I'm still even in the process of reviving. You know how I posted about wearing an ankara kimono, a black crop top and black high waist jean for my course
adviser's wedding on Saturday?? I said I was gonno snap pictures of the outfit and post (you can read it here if you haven't).

Well, it wasn't possible. The wedding was yesterday and I started getting ready by 11am. I was gonno be at the reception to usher in guests, serve food and then eat jollof rice. I was anticipating the degree of my slay because all the neccessary gadget I needed to make the day a history were set as my spirit was lite af. (Was actually planning to meet my future husband there)

I was about rounding off my personal make-up section by applying mascara on my eyelashes when the mascara entered my left eye. My lashes are quite long and most times when any stuff enter into my eyes, it'll take like 5 mins to go out but in this case, the devil was trying to be smart. My eyes started tearing constantly, making my face look horrible by washing away my foundation, concealer and powder. I battled with this eye till 2pm when I got angry, retouched the make-up and left for the wedding reception which was just few blocks away from my best friend's house.

With my complete slay outfit, necks were turning and people were whispering 'I like her long jacket and her boots'. I was trying to bow my head so they wouldn't see my red eye but that even made my more uncomfortable. 

I finally got to the reception and was put on duty to serve all the tables with small chops. My left eye was now getting really swollen and red, it were paining me to the extent that I couldn't concentrate on anything so I went to sit down. 

After a long while of non stop left eye pain, i called my best friend to come accompany me to my house, she came and we left the party (without eating jollof rice, without meeting my future husband and without taking any shot). It was so painful that I couldn't enjoy the wedding reception like I wanted, my course adviser didn't even see my face at all, I couldn't do anything apart from tearing over and over.

Then I got home around 5pm, ate Eba and vegetable soup (Still not jollof rice), didn't know of any drugs to take. I just hoped that when If i slept and woke up, the pain would be gone. I couldn't even look at my phone's screen cause the light was painful to the eye. 

I woke up this morning and the eye was still paining me and was still very red. I went to church with sunshades and i couldn't still concerntrate on my pastor's message because of the pain. None of the pharmacy shops were opened so I decided to just surf the net with my phone though I was still tearing.

After surfing for like an hour I noticed that the eye wasn't so red anymore and the pain had largely reduced. I'm still waiting for the pharmacy shop to open up so I can go get some medication.

Ladies, please be very careful with your mascara and eyeliner, I have learnt that the hard way.

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Ehya..... Sorry all the makeup here and there

Ehya..... Sorry all the makeup here and there

Trying to look good for me uhn!

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