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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My fear of blogging and schooling

So School is resuming next week Monday.....yeaaaaay!!!
Everyone is getting really excited about going back to school-every one but me. I'm simply scared about it.

This holiday was really eventful and it was one of the best I've ever had, I started and finished my industrial training. (Thumbs up to God)
I became a consistent and dedicated blogger(Thumbs up to God and you guys for the encouragement)
I reached my 100th post today (Thumbs up to God and you guys again)

I swear, it has been fun filled, your page views always make my day complete and I'm really grateful for such patronage...Lol

So when school starts, I'm gonno be faced with school work including project and seminar compilation (Team Final Year Brethren), I'm also gonno be faced with music work (Kinda the band leader of Inspired Rics), and finally I'm gonno be face with this blog work which is gonna be more challenging cause It just started.

I'm already scared even before getting to the river. A friend of mine helped me make a schedule but I'm really not good with schedules. I feel its boring doing the same thing over and over again and I have a massive problem waking up early (I like sleep). To handle blogging, schooling and music is looking really scary cause I don't wanna flopp in any. 

Behind my black and ugly frustration, I wanna trust God. I believe he has a reason for everything and he'll finish what he has started in me. (Now I'm feeling like a Christian)

If you have any advice to give on how to blog and school or how to live a complex life please I'll like if you drop it in the comment box....thanks


  1. I don't do regrets, but I hate all the days I let doing what I love suffer to face school work better, they appear a waste.

    The best, happiest days I've spent are outside the classroom, doing what I love.

    No hate for books, reading is a hobby for me even when grades show otherwise but everyday I understand better why that brother said: my life is more than pages of books.

    1. Yes....I totally get your point. But I'm in the school first to be a student and make good grades, still I'm a blogger first to explore and share ideas. Both of these are things are time consuming and to mix them up is rather confusing because they are both of importance.

  2. Nice one...
    One of the words that has kept me going, that, I'll give you...


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