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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Professor offered me half a million to sleep with him

I was on my way to my best friend's place yesterday when a black sporty car grounded to halt beside me. I wasn't at my best and I'm not actually used to cars halting for me on the road, so, I continued walking. The car moved along with me as it continuously made a 'beep beep' sound, causing awareness like it's judgement day.

Innocently i said to myself that probably the driver wanted help with directions so I stopped to give him some attention.
"Good evening" I said after he rolled down his window deliberately making me feel the chilled air that escaped from his A.C. I couldn't see his face because it was very dark, but then he replied "Good evening pretty, where are you heading to, i could drop you off".
His voice was as calm and romantic as a waterfall and it was almost sweeping me off my feet, but I didn't wanna act as though I was desperate so I told him that my destination was just a few blocks away. This flawless stranger insisted; saying he'd drop me off no matter how short the distance was.

*Rolling my eyes *

Well... I hopped into the car, and he increased the music to a very high volume. I'm really not good with cars so I can't say what car it was; but it was something i havn't seen before. Totally 'Sleek and comfy', making me feel like one better person inside lol.

The usual; He asked for my name, level and department, I answered and without looking at my face he said; "You look like someone that needs a lot of help and I really would want to help you".
I thought; God has finally sent my helper after years of singing "my helper o....", but then I felt sorry for myself that by barely looking at me, he knew I needed help.
He switched on the light in the car to check for something and what I saw was as shocking as death....

Well, maybe not exactly death; but I was so shocked that I almost screamed "Blood of Jesus". This man's face was as old and wrinkled as my grand fathers', in fact ancestors'. He had a very handsome face inside the old skin with a very young voice, but damn!!! I thought he was young and i was already rating him potential boyfriend.

At this point? I was starting to feel uncomfortable as he drove past my friends house and said he wanted to get me something to eat. I would have insisted on him taking me to her place first, but curiosity lured me as I wanted to see what this man would do.

We got to a restaurant ahead and he bought me a meal to feed my entire generation at a blow. He didn't allow me come out of the car because he said his 'fellow' professor friends were there with small girls like me and he didn't want them to see me and steal me away. 

*Yeah u ryh... He's a prof *
He got me suya worth N5000, 3fish barbecue, a pack of canned Malta Guinness and 4 pieces of heavy weighed chicken and chips.

I was dumbfounded, I knew the food was gonna get spoilt because I couldn't possibly eat all of that and he obviously knew; all he wanted was to intimidate me. And he succeeded. 

He smiled and said "call your friends to join you, tell them it's a treat from your new boyfriend"

"New Boyfriend!!??" I exclaimed

"What do you want us to call it??" He said 

I didn't reply and he immediately started to fill me in on what he actually wanted-------'A Sxx Partner'. With promises to take care of me and make all my friends go jealous, that it would be the best time of my life. Also pointing out, It wouldn't be stressful for me that we would meet just weekends, and, for every sxx date, he'll give me half a million. He said he'll help out with my school work and make me graduate with a good result, give me a good job afterwards........ Blah blah blah...

I heard the half a million part and my poor mind had to reset. My brain was still trying to figure out what he had just said when he pulled out four bundles of  one thousand naira notes and said "I don't like talking too much, if you are interested, take this N200,000, then give me your number and your Mat number".

Chai!! My heart was beating as though I was in a battle field. The first thought on my mind was to give him a wrong number and run away with the 200k. But what if he tries to dial my mobile number there and then which he is likely to do?
The second thought was, what if I agree to be this man's sxx partner and finally have a good life to live, but then I haven't had sxx before, I wouldn't wanna start with this old man who was above all, married and probably has my mate as grand children.

So I told him I wasn't interested. Surprisingly, he didn't argue; He took the money from my lap, counted 50k from it and gave it to me just to appreciate me for my time. He helped me drop the pack of malt at my friends door step and drove off without a single word.

I was just standing outside with my mouth open, looking at the direction to which he drove off.

I would have being 150k richer just like that... 'I thought'.

I was initially scared to eat the food cause I didn't know what kind of money he had that he was willing to waste like that, but i didn't sleep with the man. So... I called 7 of my friends to come over. I didn't tell them the story tho, i just said 'my uncle' came to pay me a visit.

And as for the 50k?? I wanna get a good UK used lapi so contact me if you have any.

Humph.. Fact is, he's gonna definitely meet another girl and I'm sorry that I reduced her money by 50k, lol.

I'm still thinking though, did I just miss my luck??



  1. Enter your comment... missed your luck ke?? I disagree with that ooo... All this men with different diseases for their body. my dear, you did the right thing abeg


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